Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Rome| Famous Things to Buy in Rome

Rome is one of the most illustrious cities in Italy that owns major popular brands in the whole world. Therefore, along with vintage history and great architectural lineage of famous monuments you can easily find popular things to buy in Rome that are super classy and affordable. While the best souvenirs to buy in Rome are some of the featured products you will find everywhere in this city due to its heavy tourism. You can even chat and have fun with the local sellers to call for extra discounts. But if you also suck at bargaining just like me then Here I have curated a list of top 10 things to buy from Rome that are somewhat affordable and classy to take back.

List of Things to Buy in Rome

1. Italian Ceramics

What to Buy in Rome, Things to Buy in Rome

Italian Ceramics

The first attempt of buying something in the city which is immensely famous for its artistic and architectural lineage you can look out for the best things to buy in Rome which are nonetheless the famous Italian ceramics of the city. These items represent the ancient and modern culture of Rome greatly. Italian Ceramics are intricately manufactured and since they are hand-painted therefore for sure they are going to be expensive but dude! 

If you traveled this far to suffice your need for adventure and now you are googling and reading this blog to find out what to buy in Rome? Then you must be kind enough to buy this expensive home decor as well. You can also purchase a few, smaller items such as mugs, pitchers, a butter dish, a candle holder or salt-n-pepper shakers if you finally realized how expensive traveling is! As there are a wide variety of items to choose that can make such facts obvious in Rome after all. So enjoy your trip!

2. Shoes

What to Buy in Rome, Things to Buy in Rome


What next stop of shopping can be in Rome? When you will realise that all the gibberish spoken by endless celebrities during famous award events were actually the name of brands of shoes that originated in Rome. Yeah! The names might be weird but the style, quality, and designs of these Italian shoes are remarkable. So if you have some pennies left in your pocket after paying expensive bills of stay in the concise hotel rooms of Rome you will be thrilled to hear that you can still buy shoes in Rome. As such an incredible quality of shoes is available in markets just for hundreds of dollars in Rome. So upgrade your classic styles with these high-quality materials manufactured with artistic craftsmanship and long-lasting materials. These are some of the top things to buy in Rome that lots of travelers love to take back home. Just that, when you do go shopping, look for Italian shoes at flagship stores.

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3. Pasta

What to Buy in Rome, Things to Buy in Rome


After the Italian pizza from which even the Italians will be bored by far what are the other stereotypical products that you can just think of buying in Rome which is the capital city of Italy. Of course, old and simple pasta! Oh, common no sarcasm guys! But they really have some freaking good pasta. It would be a real regret in your life if you don’t bring this treat from Rome. Pasta is the best-known thing to buy in Rome because you can add the pasta in any of the terrible dishes and magically it can become a new-found recipe(note: I said ‘newfound recipe’ not ‘delicious recipe’). You can choose from a whole lot of options like the extraordinary kinds of pasta you might not be able to find at home. You can try bucatini, which looks like spaghetti but has a tiny hole running through it(Ahh! Dirty mind it’s a pasta), or orecchiette, which translates to “little ears” due to its shape. Just make sure while shopping, foods are taken are packaged and sealed to reduce your transportation struggles at airport checkpoints.

4. Gourmet Foods

What to Buy in Rome, Things to Buy in Rome

Gourmet Foods

Some of the famous souvenirs to buy in Rome are usually picked up from the gourmet sections by travellers because of these packaged gourmet foods are intricately packed to serve you for a long time and one of the best features about the major gourmet foods is that they can easily fit in your travel bags ranging from bottles of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and truffle oil or jars of porcini mushrooms or tubes of Italian tomato paste or olive paste and boxes of chocolates. All of these are universal treats that everyone loves to accept as a gift.

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5. Coffee Products

What to Buy in Rome, Things to Buy in Rome

Coffee Products

If you have been cursing till now the hard names of coffees mentioned in classic restaurants menus due to which you have been humiliated in front of your girlfriend and waiter at the same time let me tell you that Italy is the home of espresso, cappuccino, and macchiato which is highly loved in Rome. Therefore, for all the coffee connoisseurs this is your city for buying the finest quality of coffee and its products to bring back home. You can also get these things to buy in Rome as a gift for all your friends who could actually pronounce such coffee names correctly. These locally-grown, wholes, or ground coffee beans packages are easily available in the city at a very affordable price or consider some chocolate-covered beans, espresso candies, or a bottle of coffee liqueur if you want more creative products.

6. Wine

What to Buy in Rome, Things to Buy in Rome


For all the wine lovers, you may not want to leave Rome without a bottle of red or white wine on which you will be charged a precise excise duty above certain limits so please don’t get too excited and stuff your bags with wines only. Most grocery stores in Rome offer a good selection of local wines but if you want a good selection you can visit the wine stores that offer you wines for prior tasting as well sometimes. Just in case, if you are looking for a place to spend extravagant money for your drinking habits, Castelli Romani region southeast of Rome produces some excellent red or white blends of the wines. 

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7. Pecorino Romano Cheese

What to Buy in Rome, Things to Buy in Rome

Pecorino Romano Cheese

There are a lot of cheese manufacturing brands in entire Italy but Pecorino Romano Cheese is one of the superstars in Rome that breaks all the records of being a tourist favorite. This is basically a sheep’s milk cheese, which can glorify many classic Roman dishes, from Cacio e Pepe, till the pepper pasta sauce. These popular things to buy in Rome are just an endless hit for a very long time, therefore, whenever you wish to bring something that can up your game in cooking just look for this cheese. Your supplì, will be the showstopper after getting the final touches of Pecorino. You can get your hands on the cheese in delicatessens across town, and most will vacuum pack your purchase for your travels as well.

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8. Local Designer Fashion

What to Buy in Rome, Things to Buy in Rome

Local Designer Fashion

You might be well aware of the status of Italy in the fashion industry if you have ever followed a continental trend. Hence, major global brands and international fashion houses that are well represented in Rome offer very creative designs in clothing. Usually, the long coats are the first choice for lots of people looking for shopping in Rome but, be sure whatever you buy must be from a flagship store irrespective of street fashion which holds its own audience but it won’t be reliable. You can go for leather goods, shoes, accessories, and clothing in Rome. Laura Biagiotti stores in Rome are spread all across Italy and they sell some of the best designer clothes for men and women. These are must-buy things in Rome that you must not miss on your shopping spree.

9. Jewellery

What to Buy in Rome, Things to Buy in Rome


After a complete designer clothing, you can’t just leave with no designer accessory. The talented Costanza De Cecco and Giulia Giannini who have already earned a huge name in the accessory design industry(if you still don’t know just google them!) are Rome-born designers with a passion for telling Rome’s story through design. Since they have their own background in architecture, Co. Ro’s unique jewellery creations are inspired by Rome’s monuments, metro lines, and architecture that will definitely make you sure about what to buy when in Rome? Especially a souvenir that is classy and nostalgic. You have various options to choose from, ranging from pendants, rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that are manicured from expensive metals including gold, silver, and bronze.

10. Religious Items

What to Buy in Rome, Things to Buy in Rome

Religious Items

Rome is a neighbour to a very pristine city that is known for its cathedrals and Christian rule in the entire world. Hence, the Vatican city positioned in the heart of Italy is one of the topmost destinations for religious tourism. You find all the Vatican’s best things to buy in Rome. Items like religious art or rosary beads can readily be found, particularly near St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican Museums. You can also bring artwork from the Vatican Museum shops as a perfect home decor for your houses.

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I hope you enjoyed this amazing tour of things to buy in Rome. There are tonnes of products that are handcrafted in Rome that you can take back home at very reasonable prices if you have complete knowledge of what to buy in Rome? Hence for such purposes, I wish as par discussed shopping ideas from our top 10 list of top things to buy in Rome will be helpful for finding the splendid souvenirs of Rome. Head on to our other blogs for more engaging info like these and please don’t forget to comment below about your precious thoughts.

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