Top 10 Beaches Near Rome | Famous Beaches to Visit Near Rome

Rome is an extraordinary city in Italy that has enveloped thousands of legendary tales and epic heroes of the Roman empire from the ancient as well as modern histories. But besides its iconic architectures to explore Romans have also instigated the natural gifts to empowered the fun industry with the popular beaches near Rome that are tremendously beautiful and adventurous for any visitor touring the city. Therefore, to explore some of the best destinations in this city and pull out a great vacation from the extreme weather of the city you must visit the top beaches from Rome, Italy taking in the best beach sports that are not even offered by the typical beaches in the world. Hence I have mentioned a list of 10 best beaches near Rome that not only soothe your day with the cooling sandy shores but have some weird and interesting architecture holding their lineages to explore.

List of Beaches Near Rome

1. Santa Marinella

Beaches to Visit Near Rome

Santa Marinella

One of the best beaches near Rome located in a quaint bay and has clear water to offer its visitors coming straight from the capital. There is a great little hole-in-the-wall for a quick takeaway lunch at this beach. You will adore this small public area to layout and chill with your buddies taking a relaxing sunbathe under the vibrant umbrellas. But, due to its supreme popularity, space fills up very quickly so plan to arrive early at the beach if you wish to lay out in the sun from a comfortable location.

2. Ostia

Beaches to Visit Near Rome


If you are looking for an all-purpose beach closest to Rome then Ostia must be your first choice. This is a very busy port of Rome that will not be winning any beauty prizes due to its increasing domination by Stabilimenti(or establishment). Due to these establishments, you have to pay to set foot in at the beach but Ostia is the quickest option from the city, so you want to save your money and time from long transfers in Rome then Ostia is you beach ride for sure. You’ll be rewarded with clearer water and cleaner sand so enjoy your ride while heading further away from the capital.

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3. Fregene

Beaches to Visit Near Rome


This beach lies north from the Ostia beach and it is slightly cleaner and hipper beach therefore a lot of young visitors love to explore this beach. This famous beach near Rome is also a favorite among the trendy crowd of northern Rome and has a delightful evening Aperitivo at Singita Miracle Beach Club to attract more part goers who look for fun nights and want to spend their evening enveloped in vibrant club lights aside from the shores.

4. Anzio

Beaches to Visit Near Rome


Anzio is situated in the south of Rome. The surrounding city of Anzio is best known for being the site of Allied forces landing during World War II. Hence, not only you get a relaxing vacation from its fabulous beach which has been awarded the Bandiera Blu, for its cleanliness, water quality, and sustainable management but an opportunity to explore other iconic historical WWII sites which any history geek will long for. This is one of the best beaches near Rome, Italy that has always ensured top-quality to its visitors and offer purely hygienic pools and beach activities.

5. Santa Severa

Beaches to Visit Near Rome

Santa Marinella

There are a lot of other beaches resorts near Rome but finding a great family-friendly beach is a little bit harder sometimes in this city. But, Santa Severa, which includes the seafront of a 14th-century castle and offers splendid family facilities is the perfect destination for any family traveling together and looking for a nice beach vacation. It is a free beach and the fact that it takes only a 40-minute train ride from Rome’s San Pietro station is the leading feature that attracts any group to explore this beach. There is even another extraordinary feature in which north of the castle has brown sand while the south of the castle is flourished with black sand.

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6. Castel Porziano

Beaches to Visit Near Rome

Castle Porziano

Castel Porziano is a wild, undeveloped beach situated a few miles south of the frenetic scene at Ostia. This is a popular beach near Rome that offers gay-friendly zones and is an area of rugged dunes and occasional beach bars that every traveler seeks for a relaxing evening with their loved ones. Walk south from Castelfusano and you’ll soon reach here. Despite the fact that most of the beach sand areas are dominated by Stabilimenti that you have to pay to set foot in but still the beach maintains its beauty all throughout the year.

7. Sabaudia

Beaches to Visit Near Rome


For those travelers who abide by the comfort and take it as the most crucial priority, many other beaches from Rome might not suffice their taste but Sabaudia is a surreal beauty that has the golden wand of spaciousness and comfort covering a wide stretch of beach and attracting thousands of tourist every year. Don’t worry about safety this is another Blue Flag area which is also known for its Mussolini-era architecture. For more exciting beach errands take the shuttle bus which runs up and down the local coastline taking you through all the scenic views of the beach.

8. Tiberis

Beaches to Visit Near Rome


One of the exclusive artificial beach in Rome which was constructed recently by the mayor Virginia Raggi on the banks of the river Tiber. This beach was inaugurated on the evening of 3 August 2019. With a clean riverside space that is fully equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and shower facilities this beach is the best alternative to any other beach errands that you have to take to reach the neighboring beaches. They have even constructed children’s play area and two beach volleyball courts for the inclusion of fun activities at this famous beach.

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9. S. Felice Circeo

Beaches to Visit Near Rome

San Felice Circeo

This beach is situated 100 km south of Rome and has the Blue Flag for its authentication as well. The beach offers crystal clear waters of Circeo and a golden sand beach that soothes your mind and provides calming effects on your body. Lying on the sand for sunbathing is one of the frequent activities you’ll find people practicing over the beach but there are some small restaurants also that provide distinct cuisines of Rome to eat or buy a popular drink to take with you and enjoy on the beach. Such pleasures remark it as a must-visit beach near Rome That you must not be missing.

10. Ladispoli

Beaches to Visit Near Rome


This is another safe bet to proceed in the north of Rome. Such a long coastline makes sure you find ample room to lay-out and chill with your friends on the beach. Along with that, it takes only a short train ride from the main city to reach this beach town near Rome. And if you enjoy spending time at the beach during the off-season as well this is the best option with a credible extra fun of artichoke festival that takes place here during the second week of April every year

Hope you enjoyed the suggested list of top 10 beaches near Rome, Italy that you should explore and acquire the best experiences of all the Roman cuisines. Apart from rich historical landmarks, this city offers great luxurious destinations out of which the famous beaches of Rome mentioned above are one of the crucial factors in attracting thousands of tourists every year. You can discover more about this city from our succeeding blogs and ping us in the comment section below about your valuable views or any queries regarding travel. We will be happy to help!

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