Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Paris | Best Things to Buy from Paris

Paris is world-famous for its adorable items that people love to take away from the city especially any souvenir related to the Eiffel tower still has a huge fan following. But if you want something very unique that can fit your style and taste or something expensive to gift someone then you need to follow the given below guide listing the 10 best souvenirs to buy in Paris that you might not know about being an outsider. Hence here I have curated some top things to buy from Paris with the assistance of our travel chums to discover some amazing products that are loved by locals and are super nostalgic to make you remember all the best memories from this French city. Let’s follow up on the given below list of top 10 suggestions for hassle-free shopping in Paris that ends up with affordable and best takeaways from the city in your shopping bag.

List of Things to Buy in Paris

1. Parisian Chocolate

Things to Buy from Paris

Parisian Chocolate

After a romantic journey all throughout this adorable city of France, how can you forget the famous souvenir to buy in Paris that almost bonds every couple with its creamy and chocolate taste? Besides cheese, wine, and macarons, Paris is also famous for its legendary chocolatiers who are making their masterpieces from the refined chocolates of Paris. Some shops, such as Jean-Charles Rochoux have taken their craft to another higher level through their impressive chocolate sculptures. The chocolates are the famous and most desirable product that every traveler buys once at least. If you are looking for some of the best chocolate selections in Paris then visit Maison Pralus and try the ‘Barre Infernale’. For sure you’ll become its fan instantly.

2. Macarons

Things to Buy from Paris


Who would leave the delicacies of Paris when even the president of France holds the title of honorary ‘Macarons’ in his last name? Macarons are the staple tourist product of Paris that every tourist loves to try once they visit Paris. These tiny round cakes with creamy filling come in a broad color palette and have an addictive taste that no one can deny from eating. While the irony being locals think that they are way overpriced for what they offer. But trust me, it’s really delicious and it would be the most popular thing to buy in Paris. The famous recommended place to find the best macarons is  Pierre Herme that gets you the perfect filling of these local delicacies.

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3. French Wine

Things to Buy from Paris

French Wine

France is incredibly famous worldwide for its high-quality wineries. Since you’re in Paris why miss out on their top products? it would be a pity not to bring a few bottles back home with you as a souvenir after all. Wines are often consumed with various meals of the day in Paris. Even some restaurants provide you with paired up wines along with their delicious cuisines. Therefore, it’s hard to ignore these popular things to buy from Paris especially when you have drinkers in your group back at home too. If you need some insider information, you can visit a ‘Caviste’ (an expert wine shop) and ask the owners for advice according to your budget. They will suggest the best wine according to your preferences.

4. Tea Souvenirs

Things to Buy from Paris

Tea souvenir

After all this Porsche city is way more elegant in items than any other thing you desire. Therefore, for finding the best in Paris you must explore the best things to buy in Paris. Tea is one of the very common and poised items which if prepared precisely is no less than a delicacy. Mariage Freres is one of the most popular tea shops, that carries unique blends and is the best place in Paris to buy tea. Tea lovers will definitely be lost from their extreme flavors and combinations and those who don’t even appreciate teas can admire the gorgeous design of the store, with the chic black tins adorning the walls.

5. Floppy French Hat

Things to Buy from Paris

Floppy French Hat

Who would have missed those chic sometimes even weird hats that french men and women wore in classic movies? These hats are still in fashion. The only difference you’ll find is that Instagram influencers wear them more often than the french locals themselves. Still, these things to buy in Paris are really classic and make you remember the artistic rich history of Paris along with their gentle traditions of wearing hats easily. You find stacks of these floppy hats at any street vendor. Such classic beret hats are more wearable and comfortable if they are handmade. So try looking for them, be cautious as they can be shockingly expensive sometimes.

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6. French Lingerie 

Things to Buy from Paris

French lingerie

It might be a bit awkward for a lot of people but women already dream of french lingeries as they are marketed all around the world with a refined quality. As, what better time to look through the best lingerie in the world? Especially when you are in Paris. Not only is it beautiful, but the fit is generally far superior to other poorly cut lingeries. These are the must-buy things in Paris if you are looking for something special for your female partners. You’ll find boutique French lingerie shops along Rue Saint Honore, and sprinkled throughout the Marais.

7. Maille Mustard

Things to Buy from Paris

Maille Mustard

If you are thinking already what’s new in bringing just a mustard sauce then I may tell you Maille mustard shop does not sell your standard supermarket mustard. You might be shocked to hear that this shop owns numerous varieties of mustard combinations you never thought were ever possible, it is cut to impossible if you don’t find a unique souvenir here. So, no more hustle about what to buy in Paris? Especially when you know something simple yet unique. For these products, fresh mustards are pumped out on the premises and packaged in beautiful ceramic containers. Your purchases will also be diligently wrapped in Maille’s signature black paper, perfect for gifting.

8. Handbag

Things to Buy from Paris


The most Parisian thing to buy from Paris is nonetheless their extremely fashionable handbags from Brontibay. This is a shop in the Marais which was well-constructed with nice attention to details. Such handbags are the most famous things to buy in Paris as they are not only classic but the handbags are also very inexpensive. These are just downright cheap to about 80-200 euros per bag. Numerous small accessories like designer purses sold under considerably fewer rates making the shop a great spot for gifts shopping.

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9. Cheese

Things to Buy from Paris


The whole French world is crazy about Cheese. You can easily sense that from their delighted cuisines served all over Paris. No matter which cheese ranging from cow or goat, stinky or mild, hard or soft you can find thousands of variables that are just amazing. Therefore, always try to bring back as much cheese as possible, especially if traveling during colder months it will make the cheese stay firm for longer durations in your traveling journeys. Look for cheese at cheese shops called fromageries. They have the best items for tourists. These popular souvenirs to buy in Paris might cost you extra but their taste, worths every penny.

10. Eiffel Tower Souvenirs

Things to Buy from Paris

Eiffel Tower souvenirs

Why not? I mean why not just do one typical cheesy thing? After all Eiffel tower is by far the most romantic and beautiful monument and everyone dreams to go there with their loved ones. So grab this tacky opportunity to buy some typical souvenirs from Paris especially those cliche keychains or Eiffel tower. Mugs or T-shirts will also do better. You can choose these incredible souvenirs to bury from Paris. Whereas there are far more items to choose from, that are available in the street shops of Eiffel Tower.

Hope you enjoyed the article and got an idea about what to buy in Paris? According to different tastes or varied budget boundaries, Paris is definitely the ‘the city of fashion’ and you can find tonnes of creative options to impress your loved ones through the lovely souvenirs to buy from Paris, France. But if you still face any trouble while shopping in this awe-inspiring city just ping us in the comment sections below we will try our best! In fact, you can also book a bunch of interesting rides from our travel website or book from our latest Adequate travel application available exclusively on PlayStore. Enjoy your rides and ‘let your memory be your travel bag’.

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