Top 10 Beaches Near London | Famous Beaches to Visit Near London

London is one of the best cities in the United Kingdom which showcases a great combination of natural as well as modern areas to explore. In fact, Americans have been so creative with their natural gifts that they even created some spectacular beaches near London, England arising from distinct water bodies ranging from lake, sea, oceans, and fresh flowing rivers shores. But if you explore these places it becomes very hard to sort out the beaches that can fit your travel schedules or dates Hence I have mentioned such list of beaches near London that are not only sandy shores but offers you the best beach sports along with typical beach accommodations that are purely inspiring at so many levels. So follow along the given below list of the top 10 beaches near London that can make your British vacations more exciting and euphoric.   

List of Must-Visit Beaches Near London

1. Sussex Beaches

Beaches to Visit Near London

Sussex Beach

This is one of the redundant tourist spots that travelers love to visit for a beachy vacation especially the Littlehampton beach having an award-winning feature of providing surreal family-friendly experiences that attracts a lot of tourists from around the world. This sandy beach near London, UK has a beautiful promenade and large picnic greens to make your vacations more rejuvenating. It’s the safest beach in West Sussex. The stream cascades down the verdant glade and the greensand boulders path at the beaches are sometimes blocked by landslips, so take a good look before stepping over the beach.

Drive Duration from London: 90 mins

2. Hertfordshire Beaches

Beaches to Visit Near London

Hertfordshire beaches

This is one of the best beaches near London that is nourished by three young rivers – the Beane, Rib, and Lea meeting on an ancient Hartham Common situated in the northern region of London. You will enjoy the beachy coves and grassy banks for picnics that are embellished adorably from the streams meandering under a footbridge through parkland and meadow. Such a scenic landscape view can’t be accomplished at any other beach in the city.

Drive Duration from London:  45 mins

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3. Tollesbury Tidal Pool Beach

Beaches to Visit Near London

Tollesbury Beach

This beach is located in a substantial quintessential Essex coastal village that is bustling with black-and-white boathouses, old-fashioned sailing boats, and secret creeks. Such a vintage atmosphere will blow you minds from its extraordinary approach that this popular beach close to London was built by the villagers into a tidal plunge pool equipped with all kinds of beach facility that is refilled from the sea twice daily. For more adventure, you can visit Shinglehead Point, near this Tollesbury pool having another vast wild beach where you won’t even meet a soul. Such seclusion is the best place for couples to hang out.

Drive Duration from London: 65 minutes

4. St Peter on the Wall Beach

Beaches to Visit Near London

st. peter wall beach

This is a popular landmark in London that is situated on the Bradwell Peninsula. Now it is a solitary church of St Peter on the Wall which is also pondered as one of England’s most remote and ancient churches, founded by St Cedd in 654. If you want to experience the historic past of London then this famous beach near London, UK is the perfect spot for chilling and exploration of London’s historical buildings. If you travel for fewer minutes towards the northern sea wall then you can find a fabulous Cocklespit beach formed of mud, sand, and shells to enjoy.

Drive Duration from London: 65 minutes

5. Shoreham Beach

Beaches to Visit Near London

Shoreham Beach

If you are looking for some crowd-free beach especially during the warm weekend most of the top beaches near London are busy, therefore, at such times Shoreham, which rarely gets busy provides you, a fully private experience at the expense of public credibility. It’s even much easier to park here than any other crowded beach of the city charging heavy costs for parking your private vehicles. This beach is full of pebble and shingles and makes up for a perfect destination of picnics and beach walks so don’t leave your family behind as this will be perfect get together spot for everyone.. Travelling east along the boardwalk leads you to a very famous historic Shoreham Fort that every traveler must visit once.

Drive Duration from London: 90 mins

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6. West Dunes

Beaches to Visit Near London

West Dunes

This is one of the most scenic and incredibly popular beaches with sand near London that every wanderer loves to explore. Camber’s great expanses of soft sand and dunes can get anyone busy with the refreshing sunny weather and soothing breeze wrapping the whole atmosphere from a happy vibe. Otherwise, you can head on towards the western end to escape the crowds and still enjoy the shallow sea with some great places to eat, such as the gastro-bistro The Galivant surrounding the beach.

Drive Duration from London: 75 minutes

7. Surrey Beaches

Beaches to Visit Near London

Surrey Beaches

Due to its extreme proximity to London, Surrey is one of England’s most wooded counties and it is wonderfully prerogative from the wealth of rivers and lakes for swimming. All such features create some of the best beaches around London that have accessible crystal clear water from the Frensham, a huge lake providing generous sandy beaches to all its admirers. Families play in the small buoyed area to keep the protection of their children. While they can also leave their kids behind to enjoy the real beach offerings without any worry about the preventive measures as they are already very stringent at this beach.

Drive Duration from London:  60 minutes

8. Ruislip Lido

Beaches to Visit Near London

Ruislip lido

For those people who desire a bit more from the beach that goes beyond its typical offerings this famous beach near London, UK is the perfect fit. As a 700-acre woodland nature reserve of this beach housing a gorgeous natural lake, with a genuine sandy beach is a splendid accommodation that every traveller with love to explore. But keep in mind that swimming is technically not permitted due to safety reasons so dip into the water on your guarantee. You can also conduct euphoric picnics at the willow lawns and beachside of the Lido beaches.

Drive Duration from London: 46 minutes

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9. Bournemouth Beach

Beaches to Visit Near London

Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth Beach is a whopping eleven miles long beach close to London, England so it’s easy enough to escape the crowds here. Amongst golden sands of spots like Sandbanks, you’ll also find shops, gardens, hotels and superb restaurants serving you with their best items here. You can also try out their adventurous water sports or enjoy plenty of family attractions at the pier Approach without any hassle. 

Drive Duration from London: 90 minutes

10. Priory Bay Beach

Beaches to Visit Near London

Priory Bay beach

This sandy beach on the Isle of Wight gently slopes into the water and it is popular for sunbathing and swimming among various travelers. Such a hidden beach near London is a pure treasure that you can experience on your trip very easily. The amazingly peaceful views even in the height of the summer season are its featuring element that wins the heart of many beach lovers. But to sustain such an isolated reputation there are no facilities to aid you with distinct amenities required at the beach so you bring water and other beach essentials with you before visiting this beach.

Drive Duration from London: 180 minutes(3 hours)

Hope you enjoyed this list of top 10 beaches near London, England. Some of them are not even like typical beaches but hopefully, you will enjoy their beach activities which are creatively administered at these scenic natural zones nearby London. I have also mentioned the time duration its will take to reach from the main city of London making this guide easier and customizable in accord to your touring schedules. You must be aware that not all the beaches are perfectly lying inside the border of London so be ready to take a ride of exploration leading to the neighboring towns of London. Mentioned popular beaches near London city worths every penny so don’t hesitate in spending extra dollars as they surely will offer a great experience to make your vacations completely relaxing and peaceful.

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