Complete Guide to Bullfighting in Spain

Bullfighting in Spain is a traditional spectacle. In this traditional event, one or more bulls are fought in a bullring. Within the areas where it is practiced, it can be defined as a blood sport, it is not considered a sport but as a cultural event and art form. It is very popular in Spain among the Spanish and other non-Spanish tourists across the world. Bullfighting is seen as a symbol of Spanish culture and tradition, you may criticize it but Spanish believe in them. Some people ask, is bullfighting legal in Spain? Not really in some parts of Spain it is completely banned. It has influenced all forms of art and culture. Spanish dance and musical forms such as the paso doble and flamenco are heavily influenced by the spectacle of the bullfight.

Bullfighting: History

Bullfight in Spain, Bullfight History Spain

Bullfighting history in Spain started in 711 A.D. with the first official bullfight held in honor of the coronation of King Alfonso VIII. It is also called ‘corrida de Toros’ in the Spanish language. When Spain was part of the Roman Empire,  bullfighting tradition introduces as an adventure sport. In starting bullfighting was reserved for Spanish aristocracy and was held on horseback, but King Felipe V believed it was in poor taste for nobles to practice such a bloody sport and he ended this trend. Commoners keep on develop bullfighting on foot with smaller weapons. The oldest bullring in Spain is located in the southern town of Ronda, but cities like Madrid, Seville, and Pamplona also have a rich bullfighting legacy and some of the largest rings in the world. The history of bullfighting in Spain is as old as Spain.

What Is a Bullfight?

A bullfight is an event in which the bullfighters, on foot or on horseback, confront a number of the bull in an enclosed space built for this purpose. Bullfighting in Spain Madrid is so popular than others. 

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How many types of bullfights?

1. Corrida de Toros

Bullfight in Spain, Bullfight History Spain

The bullfighters fight on foot and must be matadores de Toros, a status acquired in a ceremony called toma de Alternativa. The animal fighting in the bullfights must weight at least 470kg and be at least four years old.

2. Corrida de Novillos or Novillada

The swordsmen are bullfighters on foot who are not yet matadores de    Toros. The animals fighting here are Novillos -bulls that never proved to a stockbreeder a certain lever of fierceness required in the bullfight trials. These animals are less than four years old.

3. Corrida de Rejones o Rejoneo

The mounted bullfighter fights on horseback, assisted by his team of Peones, all of them on foot.

The paseíllo or opening parade starts, once the ring has been cleared by the Alguacilillos. Preceded by the Alguacilillos, the matadores and their team’s exit from the Puerta de Cuadrillas. after they go around the arena to the main box in order to greet the President.

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Stages of Bullfighting:

Bullfight in Spain, Bullfight History Spain

1. Tercio de varas

The tercio de varas start right after the bull enters the ring and it is the first contact the matador has with the bull. As the bull is encouraged by the picador to attack the horse, his mission is to weaken the bull’s neck muscles and make it less dangerous.

2. Tercio de banderillas

The three banderilleros try to jab the bull’s neck with their banderillas, during the tercio de banderillas, you can visit these monuments in Spain.

3. Tercio de Muerte

At the beginning of the tercio de Muerte, the matador enters the arena alone. The tercio ends with the Estacada or the act of stabbing the bull to death. It’s considered as the most difficult task the matador faces in a corrida because he might be gored while performing it.

As soon as the bull is dead, the audience judges the matador’s faena applauding and whistling, trying to influence the President’s final decision on whether or not he should award the matador.

How you can Participate? 

Buy Ticket

Now the questions arise that where to see bullfighting in Spain? First, buy tickets. The best way of buying your bullfight tickets is simply to head to the Bullring itself, which usually starts selling them about ten days before the event. Bullfighting in Spain tickets is quite easy to buy before 10 days of the event. Prices range from €10 ($12) at the top in the sun to over €100 ($123) for shaded front-row seats. Tickets are also available online from some of the bullrings websites.

Arrive Well in Advance

You will find the electric atmosphere around a bullring before a bullfight.  It’s a good idea, then, to arrive about an hour before it starts. In all Andalusian cities, there are bars near the bullrings that are officially or unofficially the “bullfighting bars”, so look yours up before you head to the Plaza de Toros( Bullring). 

Interesting Facts about Bullfight in Spain

Bullfight in Spain, Bullfight History Spain

  • For Spanish, Bullfighting is not a sport, it is a cultural event.
  • The person who actually kills the bull is called a matador and each matador has six assistants.
  • Estocada is called the process of killing the bull.
  • A most interesting fact about the bullfighting is the bulls are specifically bred for bullfighting. The bull’s life can sometimes be spared, get Spain Facts and Information.
  • The biggest Spanish bullring is in Madrid. Spain has bullfighting schools for children.
  • Bullfighting is banned in some areas of Spain. Bullfighting in Spain is banned but not in the whole of Spain.
  • There have been female bullfighters for over 100 years. It seems interesting about bullfighting.

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Bullfighting in Spain is explained here clearly as you can see this, we have been also discussed the best part regarding the Bullfighting of Spain. Bullfighting in Spain video you have seen on the internet but watching in real,  gives you goosebumps. I hope you might have loved reading this article so kindly share your views in the comment section as per the content and if you are interested to discover more about Spain then kindly concerned with other articles as well. 

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