Best Seafood Restaurants in Havana | Famous Seafood Restaurants in Havana

Havana is the coastline city of Cuba and also its major shipping port which provides great significance towards its beaches along with places offering fresh and delicious seafood restaurants in Havana, Cuba. These restaurants run their business over the freshly caught fish, shrimps, squids, lobsters, octopus, etc. from the Atlantic in Havana. You could roam around the city and find the popular monuments on every turn but the famous seafood restaurants in Havana prepare their meals through their skillful chefs which usually reside near the beaches in the best restaurants in Havana, Cuba.

Let’s start the tour of these amazing places along with their direct location links and minimum serving costs:

List of Seafood Restaurants in Havana

1. Santy Pescador

Famous Seafood Restaurants in Havana

Santy Pescador

It is an excellent place for seafood enthusiasts who explore the cities for the tempting cuisines and newly discovered methods to prepare the seafood. This place enlists among a few restaurants in Havana that serve authentic Japanese food. Since this seafood restaurant in Havana is situated in the middle of a fishing community therefore it manages to have its own exclusive supply of fresh fish from the nearby sea of Rio Jaimanitas. Some of its famous cuisines include the homemade sashimi which is prepared from raw fish like tuna, sea bass and red mullet by skilled hands having years of experience for slicing the pieces finely for preparation.

Average price: $8.00 to $14.00 CUC

Address: Rio. Jaimanitas, Havana

2. Río Mar


Famous Seafood Restaurants in Havana

Rio Mar

This amazing seafood restaurant in Havana serves a lot of meals with amazing flavors and tempting appetizers.  The restaurant is situated on the left bank of the Almendares river where it meets the sea. It is named after a famous fish breed of tuna which has vibrant yellow colors over its top body and mostly preferred by famous chefs in the preparation of tartares. Some people even suggest it is named with the translation of its Spanish term as ‘river-sea’ because it is nearby to the famous spot of Havana where the river meets the sea and creates a great color show of blue and turquoise shades all over the place. 

Just like the name it is famous among the whole Havana for its Tuna tartares prepared from the Rio Mar breed of tuna fish. It also serves cold appetizers like fish ceviche, fish carpaccio and shellfish cocktails which people enjoy with typical Cuban cocktails. They have an amazing combination of meals which includes their Rio Mar fish and octopus, white cream shrimp and smoky Lobsters. This is the most expensive restaurant among all the famous seafood restaurants in Havana due to their heavy demand and years of popularity among the Cuban cuisines.

Average price: $29.00 CUC and over

Address: 3ra Y Final #11, La Puntilla, Miramar, 11 Avenida 3ra Havana, Cuba

3. Amigos del Mar


Famous Seafood Restaurants in Havana

Amigos del Mar

The literal translation of the name of this restaurant is ‘Friends of the Sea’. It has an ample outdoor terrace which offers great views of the Almendares River. They serve a versatile cuisine and are usually famous for serving the best Cuban food in Havana. Their customer service is very well articulated and disciplined. They even provide short boat trips or fishing activities for the tourists to explore the place even more. They do charge some entrance fee(Average prices for entrees are between $7 and $15) but under that, you can have an amazing terrace experience or play in the bottom area equipped with pool table and parlor serving all the activities for free. This is among the nicest seafood restaurants in Havana which shows some of the amazing range of cuisines which costs from lowest to highest depending upon your preferences.

Average price: $8.00 to $14.00 CUC 

Address: 5th A and 5th B, Playa, La, Calle 0, Havana, Cuba

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4. Habana Mia 7


Famous Seafood Restaurants in Havana

Habana Mia 7

This typical seafood restaurant in Havana serves various international cuisines along with gourmet dishes. It is located close to the Cohiba and Riviera hotels in Paseo Street which is beautifully lined with palm trees and approximately 100 meters from the Malecón, in the Vedado District. The famous seafood delicacies of this restaurant include the summer grilled lobster, and the ‘Big Shell’ (an assorted plate of grilled lobster, shrimp, blue and white fish, octopus, mussels, and prawn). These exotic cuisines are prepared by experienced chefs. Since the cuisines are exotic and finely prepared their average prices go a bit higher than other restaurants but they will completely justify their raised prices with their amazing seafood cuisines. They also accept cash in European(EU) and US dollars.

Average price: $15.00 to $21.00 CUC

Address: Calle Paseo between Calle 1 and Calle 3, Havana, Cuba

5. Vistamar

Famous Seafood Restaurants in Havana


This restaurant in Havana has some of the most famous chefs whose profile includes more than 20 years of culinary experience. Just like most of the hotels in Havana they do serve a splendid landscape view of beautiful turquoise sea and colorful sunsets which is much more exotic when the food is super tasty and becomes a piece of art created by the skilled chefs. They usually serve typical seafood starters such as octopus with Parmesan cheese and pesto or fish ceviche. The famous seafood of Cuba is served at this popular seafood restaurant in Havana with the title of ‘mariscada’- this is a tasty combination of lobster, shrimp, and red snapper. They also serve main course meals filled with versatile cuisines of pork, chicken, lamb, and rabbit. They also accept the European and American US dollars in cash so you don’t have to struggle in the currency exchange problems in the country which has two official currencies. 

The average rate is analogous to Habana Mia 7 and might be a bit expensive for the daily meals but can be tried once or twice a week.

Average price: $15.00 to $21.00 CUC

Address: Ave 1ra e/ 22 y 24, Miramar, Playa

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6. Donde Lis

Famous Seafood Restaurants in Havana

Donde Lis Restaurant

This restaurant is the place that serves true honorary inspiration to Havana’s famous artistic structures. The restaurant has a very spacious outdoor seating overlooking Havana’s Port. The restaurant confirms its places under the list of top seafood restaurants in Havana by maintaining its distinct status through a unique concept of food preparation. They serve some of the best American lobster, and the seafood grill in the whole Havana making it as the place which owns the status of famous restaurants in Havana through their extraordinary work. This famous seafood dish is even the most expensive dish on the menu which is just about $20.The menu includes some of the best types of local fish, delicious soups and entrées, including different variations of carpaccio, ceviche and the house octopus with malanga chips

Average price: $8.00 to $14.00 CUC

Address: Tejadillo # 163 e/ Habana y Compostela, Old Havana

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Why is seafood expensive in Havana? 

The seafood preparation requires skilled hands for the culinary as well as cooking processes hence all the mentioned seafood restaurants in Havana as par are authentic and classic restaurants that are very skilled with their techniques and hygiene in preparing the cuisines at their best. There are several food trucks that serve some tasty foods of Havana at a very cheap cost possible but they can’t assure you the hygiene that authentic restaurants can provide. Hence, the restaurants might be slightly expensive but serve you with the best Cuban foods in Havana.


Havana’s culture is filled with carefree life and some of the best seafood which even influences the cuisines of the famous restaurants in little Havana, Miami(U.S.A). So, pack your bags tight to experience these amazing cuisines throughout Havana and find many more travel secrets along the path.

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