Best Indian Restaurants Near Colosseum Rome

Here you can find all the Indian restaurants near Colosseum Rome, Thousands of Indians come to visit Colosseum and they face a lot of problems to search for restaurants near Colosseum Rome. They provide delicious Indian food and dishes and get the best services. Therefore here we have prepared a list of some highly recommended Best Indian restaurants near Colosseum.

List of All The Best Indian Restaurants near Colosseum

1. Sitar

restaurants near Colosseum Rome, good Indian restaurants near Colosseum

Here you will find good Indian foods, especially like kababs. Wait staff is really nice and very friendly and their service is quick and excellent. The food which you will get here will be of reasonable price. Whenever you reach Rome to make sure to visit there.

Hours: daily 12–3pm, 7pm–12am
Phone: +39 06 8902 6710
Address: Via Cavour, 256, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
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2. Mother India

restaurants near Colosseum Rome, good Indian restaurants near Colosseum,

If you are bored with eating pizza and pasta then kindly visit this restaurant near Colosseum Rome here you can have biryani, chicken tikka, and tandoori chicken at reasonable prices. It’s an awesome restaurant with friendly and good staff service. 

Hours: daily 11:30 am–11:30pm
Phone: +39 06 474 0777
Address: Via dei Serpenti, 148, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

3. Indian Restaurant Krishna13

indian restaurants near colosseum rome, restaurants near Colosseum Rome

Simply one of the Best Indian restaurants near Colosseum that you have visited in Rome. here you will get the perfect blend of spice and ingredients. The food you receive here would be authentic and spicy, which is very rare in Europe, and will provide you better staffing facility.  

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Hours: daily  12–3:30pm, 7–11:30 pm
Phone: +39 06 700 5267
Address: Via Foscolo, 13, 00185 Roma RM, Italy

4. Indian Restaurant Ganeshaindia Roma

restaurants near Colosseum Rome, good Indian restaurants near Colosseum

Not only the food but here you will love the ambiance, service and the staffing facility. And the best part you will love their is that they provide a lot of options.  

Hours: daily 12–3:30pm, 7–11:30 pm
Phone: +39 06 700 3406
Address: Via Labicana, 29, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

5. Himalaya’s Kashmir

Indian restaurants near Colosseum Rome,  restaurants near Colosseum Rome

They have lovely and authentic decor, also they provide several options with the menu and have much better staffing facility.  So it would be good to visit there and have some delicious Indian food.

Hours: daily 1:30am–11:30 pm
Phone: +39 06 446 1072
Address: Via Principe Amedeo, 325-327, 00185 Roma RM, Italy

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These are the famous restaurants near Colosseum Rome. I hope, you will get accurate information about Indian restaurants near Colosseum Rome along with their address. If you are interested to visit other restaurants in Rome, kindly refer to our other blogs as well. Please like this article, comment and share it.

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