Top 10 Foods to Try in Agra | Best Foods in Agra

Agra is one of the high spirited tourist cities in India which is well known for its world heritage site that also accounts for an epic love tale carried by beautiful monuments- The Taj Mahal. Apart from delicious Mughali cuisines Agra’s famous food tour comprises endless sugary desserts that are full of thick juicy syrups. You can’t hold your healthy diet once you start your food trip in Agra as the popular foods of Agra are full of spices and oily fillings that combine every touch of flavor from their cuisines into popular snacks. Here I have listed the top 10 foods of Agra that you must not miss at any cost if you really want to get the taste of real Agra’s food.

List of Foods in Agra

1. Petha

 Best foods to Eat in Agra, Foods of Agra


Just like every city has its own signature dish that spreads all throughout the nation with its name. Similarly, Agra is famous for its Petha. This is a dessert that is made from white pumpkin or ash gourd that is filled with sugar syrups infused with different flavors ending up in a vibrant colored juicy sugary treat. This treat can beat any other famous food in Agra as after tasting one slice you might leave your meal aside and jump over this delicious sweet found in many different varieties and shapes in the city.

2. Dalmoth

 Best foods to Eat in Agra, Foods of Agra


Agra is one of the unique cities in India where the starters or snacks are much more illustrious than the main course meals. Dalmoth is one of such examples that comes from the lentils. These are like the spicy indian flakes that have a mixture of nuts, spices and oil added in it for enhancing the flavour of the dalmoth. It is a traditional crispy, spicy, and a little bit greasy namkeen that is best suited on the evening tarys of typical Indian tea and dalmoth snack time. The best Dalmoth can be found in Panchi Petha and Baluganj in Agra. This top snack of Agra tastes best with a cup of tea to satiate your cravings for something crunchy and light.

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3. Paratha

 Best foods to Eat in Agra, Foods of Agra


Paratha is a famous dish of entire Northern India. This is basically a morning breakfast dish that in spite of being oily and full of starch or potatoes is consumed heavily by the Indians before starting their morning routine. Parathas in Agra are mostly vegetarian, made with pan-fried flat wheat bread which is stuffed with spicy potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, or cheese fillings managed according to your preferences. Parathas will satisfy your craving for traditional Indian flavours in one go. Therefore, it’s the best food to try in Agra.

4. Bedhai

 Best foods to Eat in Agra, Foods of Agra


Bedhai is another typical breakfast cuisine that is usually served at streets in Agra. Bedhai is a sweet and spicy combination which pairs up two famous foods of Agra together that is spicy bedhai and sweet Jalebi. Bedai is a fried, puffy bread, which resonates another famous Indian snack titled as  Kachori. Bedhai is served with a bowl of spicy sabzi dotted with a bulk of potatoes and a nice dip of thick delicious curd along with it. You might not get such a healthy combination of breakfast anywhere else in the city.

5. Mughlai Food

 Best foods to Eat in Agra, Foods of Agra

Mughlai Food

Mughlai Food is a souvenir of  Agra as after the world heritage epitome of eternal love- the Taj Mahal rest is just iconic. The food has been borrowed from the Mughal kitchens whose main features consist of rich juicy meat enriched with creamy flavored curries prepared with the usage of a lot of dried fruits grounded with rich Indian whole spices. Agra was the Capital city of India in the 16th century when Mughals were in great power, therefore, leaving behind their indelible imprints of rich Mughlai cuisines that later ranks among the top foods to eat in Agra is evident.

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6. Chaat

 Best foods to Eat in Agra, Foods of Agra


Chaat is a very popular delicacy in Agra. This is an extensively celebrated snack that every age group enjoys in the city. You can find lots of street vendors selling this popular snack in Agra on their mobile stalls while roaming around the narrow lanes of the city. Chaat is a fine combination of potato patty smashed with lots of crispy spicy snacks paired with top famous gol gappas setting your mood upright. You can find Bhalla Chaat in Agra as well which is a fried potato and chickpea patty that’s topped with grated ginger and a spicy-sweet tamarind sauce.

7. Tandoori Chicken

 Best foods to Eat in Agra, Foods of Agra

Tandoori Chicken

Since, no matter how delicious and tempting the snacks are, the craving of a meal can only be satiated with a wholesome food just like the Agra’s pride- Tandoori Chicken. This is one of the most famous street foods in Agra. Served with green mint chutney this juicy chicken which smoked and roasted over tandoor( Indian clay oven) to make you feel insatiable right after you smell its spicy aroma.

8. Dahi Bhalla

 Best foods to Eat in Agra, Foods of Agra

Dahi Bhalla

As explained earlier Bhalla is a potato and chickpea patty or ‘Tikki’ which is typically flattened and fried into potato balls. These ‘Tikkis’ are then served with tangy, sweet and spicy chutneys along with a chickpea curry and a fresh flavoured dahi or yogurt. This is one of the best street foods in Agra that you can’t match with anywhere else’s Dahi bhalla flavour. As, Agra’s dahi bhallas are extraordinarily lip smacking and divine.

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9. Jalebi

 Best foods to Eat in Agra, Foods of Agra


How can you leave northern Indian morning without trying out their most prized possession? Jalebi is the most famous sweet treat that people dote upon especially for their morning breakfast in India. In Agra you find ‘Kesari jalebis’ or ‘Saffroned Jalebis’ that are made out of fermented batter which after deep frying is dipped in saffron-sugar syrup. The sweetness of jalebi goes surprisingly well with the tang of dahi or yogurt. Therefore, you can see a lot of travelers and locals enjoying this popular food in Agra while dipping their spiral jalebis into fresh dahi. Altogether, these give a burst of flavors in the mouth in just one bite. 

10. Lassi

 Best foods to Eat in Agra, Foods of Agra


To sum up all the heat and spicy meals of Indian cuisines this refreshing drink is the total flavour booster. Lassi is basically a curd shake which is sometimes thickened with milk films(malaai) and frozen in mud cups or kulhad. After having all the best food from Agra a nice cup of chilled Lassi can rejuvenate all your senses. Whereas, the soothing aroma of wet mud cups adds a subtle raw texture in the drink. For sure it’s a must-try drink in Agra.  

Hope you enjoyed the top 10 foods to try in Agra, India. No wonder the city is filled with superb snacks and starters that you can consume at any time of the hour. Ranging from tremendous varieties of desserts this city excels in providing rich wholesome meals that never loses count of adding umpteen ground nuts into, favorite famous foods of Agra. For more engaging blogs like these keep following our website and please like, share and comment. It will motivate our creative writers to find more interesting guides making your travel trips more exciting and full of flavours.

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