Best Cities in Tajikistan to Visit | Major Cities in Tajikistan

Bordering four countries including Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, Tajikistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia. Since 2010, The cities in Tajikistan have experienced numerous internal security incidents, chief among them the armed conflict between the local militia made up of criminal groups and the government forces in Gorno-Badakhshan. The biggest cities in Tajikistan remain the poorest of the former Soviet nation’s cities. The economy that includes relying on remittances from workers in Russia and the major drug traffickers is facing challenges in the country.

Here are several but most important cities in Tajikistan:

List of Cities in Tajikistan

1. Khujand 

Best Cities in Tajikistan to Visit


Khujand is one of the biggest cities in Tajikistan and is in the region of Sughd with a population of 169,700 individuals. The city of Khujand is on the site of the prior city of Cyropolis that was established by King Cyrus the Great just before his passing. Later Alexander the Great manufactured the city in 329 BC as the most distant Greek settlement and named it Alexandria Eschate and held its Hellenistic culture to as late as 30 BCE. The city would later turn into a significant organizing point on Silk Road and pulled in various well known Persian researchers and artists turning into a significant social center point. In the eighth century fell under the Muslim triumph and turned out to be a piece of the Umayyad and later Abbasid Caliphates. In the resulting years, the city was under various domains until 1842 when it was under the standard of Russia and was fused into the Soviet Union in 1929 when it was named Leninabad in 1936. It existed as a component of the Soviet Union until 1991 when it returned to its unique name after the Soviet Union’s separation in 1992. The city is made of various ethnic gatherings, and the biggest are the Tajiks, Uzbeks, and Russians among others. The significant religions in the city incorporate Christianity and Islam.

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2. Kulob 

Best Cities in Tajikistan to Visit


Kulob is the top major city in Tajikistan situated in the locale Kulob of Khatlon territory. It has an expected population of 99,700 people. Students of history follow the city to 737 AD, yet records demonstrate the city was established a lot before and the present name could have been received around 250 years prior. After Russia had vanquished some portion of focal Asia, the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic was made inside the USSR in 1929 Kulob city got perhaps the biggest city in the Republic. In 2006 the city was praising its 2700th commemoration. Directly, the city is served by Kulob Airport.

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3. Qurghonteppa

Best Cities in Tajikistan to Visit


Qurghonteppa is one of the big cities in Tajikistan with a population of 101,600. It is in the Southwestern piece of Tajikistan in the territory of Khatlon, and it is the capital of the area. The number of people in the city continues fluctuating with seasons because of settler laborers from Russia. Qurghonteppa and Dushanbe are the most different urban communities contrasted with different cities in the nation like Kulob or Khujand. The ethnic networks in the city incorporate the Tajiks, Uzbeks, Russians, Tatars, Greeks, Kazakhs, and Ukrainians among others. The city endured a lot of harm during the common war of 1992-1997 when most Russians left the city. Qurghonteppa International Airport interfaces the city to different urban communities in the nation and other neighboring nations of Kazakhstan and Russia. The city is a center point for the telecommunication and banking sectors.

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4. Dushanbe

Best Cities in Tajikistan to Visit


Dushanbe is known as the capital and one of the largest cities in Tajikistan hosts a population of 778,500 people.  The city was known as Stalinabad between 1929 and 1961. The city is located between the rivers Varzo and Kofarnihon. Dushanbe region was inhabited in the 5th century BC, archaeological findings indicate. There were only 8000 people comprising 500 households living in the area in 1676. There were almost 10,000 people living in the present-day Dushanbe by 1875. Avicenna, Ferdowsi, Ismail Samani, and Shah Mansur the city of Dushanbe is divided into four districts.  Tajiks, Uzbeks, ethnic Russians are the largest ethnic groups. With tourists like Tajikistan national museum, Vahdat Palace, Dushanbe Zoo, and the Gurminj the city has numerous popular sights. Within the city standing at 541 feet (165 m)Dushanbe Flagpole is the world’s tallest free-standing flagpole.

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5. Murghab 

Best Cities in Tajikistan to Visit


Murghab is a little but the main city in Tajikistan having a population of 4000 on the Murghab Plateau in eastern Tajikistan (Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast). It lies at the intersection of the Pamir Highway, which goes through the focal point of the town and connects the territory with Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan, and the fundamental street connecting Tajikistan with China over the Qulma Pass.

6. Nurek 

Best Cities in Tajikistan to Visit


Nurek is a city in the Khatlon region of Tajikistan. It is located on the Vakhsh River, 885 m above ocean level, and is 70 km southeast of Dushanbe, the capital. This best city in Tajikistan has a population of 19,000. The city was established on the site of the previous town of Nurek, whose name signifies “pomegranate” in the Tajik language; the cutting edge city was set up in 1960 to help the development of close by Nurek Dam, which was finished in 1980.

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7. Penjikent 

Best Cities in Tajikistan to Visit


Penjikent, formerly known as panjakent is a cutting edge city in the outrageous northwest of Tajikistan, situated in a wide valley at the base of the Fann Mountains close to the fringe with Uzbekistan. This beautiful city in Tajikistan is also the site of an antiquated fortification, among the most historic in Central Asia, the vestiges of which are situated on a high level over the ebb and flow city. The zone has consistently been significant because of its vital area along the Zarafshan River Valley. 

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All of the mentioned cities to visit in Tajikistan and most visited cities in Tajikistan are the top places to visit in Tajikistan which are worth visiting. All of these cities are rich in culture, history and offer a lot to his visitors. I hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about Tajikistan.

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