Best Cities in Guinea to Visit | Major Cities in Guinea 

The country of Guinea is sitting along the coastline of the Gulf of Guinea and located in West Africa. Guinea encompasses the famous cities in Guinea that are so beautiful to be explored. The Country is spread along  94,927 square miles (245,860 square kilometers) in size and has a population of around 11.75 million people. Guinea got freedom from France in 1958, and now it is a majorly French-speaking nation that mostly relies on mineral production and agriculture for its economy. Here are some of the best cities to visit in Guinea: 

List of Cities to Visit in Guinea

1. Conakry

The Best Cities of Guinea


Conakry is the capital city of Guniea and also the largest city in the country having a population of 1,660,973 people. This one of the largest cities in Guinea is located in the Conakry Region and located on the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean as a port city in the western part of the country. It is established in 1887 when France took control of Tombo Island where the city was located. In 1904, the city became the capital of French Guinea and started developing as a major export port since then.  The city has several reputed universities and museums, as well as hospitals, parks, hotels, and markets.

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2. Nzérékoré

The Best Cities of Guinea


With a population of 238,928 people, the city of Nzérékoré is the second-largest city in Guinea. This city is located in the Nzérékoré region. Nzérékoré’s population has also increased rapidly in the last two decades, like Guéckédou having slightly more than doubled. This one of the popular cities in Guinea is noted as a commercial and an economic center in the southern region of Guinea.  Nzérékoré is a market town with its own airport that is known for its silverwork. The rapid growth of the city did not start until after the end of World War Two when it became a center of trading and administration and had a sawmill and plywood plant built. The city was disrupted due to the many refugees that spilled over the border and came into the city during the First Liberian Civil War (1989-1997) and the Second Liberian Civil War.  The city was also the location of 3 days of fighting during the 2013 Guinea clashes between the ethnoreligious groups of the Fula and the Malinke over the transparency of the presidential election. This city is counted in one of the major cities in Guinea.

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3. Guéckédou

The Best Cities of Guinea


Having a population of 221,715 people, the city of Guéckédou is the third-largest and one of the top cities to visit in Guinea. Guéckédou is set in the Nzérékoré region in the southern part of the country. The population of this city has almost tripled in the last twenty years as the greater population of the country has increased by close to 4 million over that time. The city attracts traders and visitors from across the southern part of the country as well as the neighboring countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Côte d’Ivoire that takes place every week. The city has seen its fair share of violence and problems over the last two decades.

4. Labé

major cities in Guinea


Labé known as one of the major cities in Guinea is situated almost smack bang in the heart of Guinea. Labé represents the second- most populated city in the entire country. Benefitting from a historic location on the crossroads of some of West Africa’s most important trading routes, this one’s market (known suitably as the Grand Marche) booms daily with sellers from afar afield as Senegal, Mali, and Morocco. You will love to find here some fine local museum that chronicles the fascinating cultural history of the Fouta Djallon region. 

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5. Faranah

The Best Cities of Guinea


Faranah, a birthplace of Guinea’s onetime leader and has transformed from tiny little agriculture city in the heart of the nation to a built-up provincial center in just the last century. One of the favored gateways to the popular Haut Niger National Park (which lies just a stone’s throw to the east), it’s also got a large mosque and oodles local marketplaces to explore. Faranah is considered in one of the beautiful cities of Guinea.

6. Kissidougou

The Best Cities of Guinea


Kissidougou is one of the rapidly-expanding and beautiful cities to visit in Guinea. Imbued with the cultural diversity of Liberians and Ivorians, all mingled and mixed with the traditions of the ethnic Kissi peoples native to the prefecture, its ramshackle markets and mud-caked streets ooze a certain charm. Kissidougou is known to be one of the famous cities in Guinea the hills that surround 100,000-strong that are really interested. 

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Here is our list of top cities in Guinea which are must-visit your trip to this nation as all of these cities are very popular among visitors as there are a lot of things to do and see. Hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about this city.

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