Witness the breathtaking view of frozen Niagara Falls this winter

Synopsis: The popular Niagara Falls are surrounded with snow during winter but people hardly see this fall freezes solidly. According to the records, The single recorded incidence occurred back in March 1848.

The destruction caused by the Bomb Cyclone this winter has resulted in record-breaking low temperatures, particularly in western New York. While this is going on, Niagara Falls has partially frozen over, and the internet is going crazy over the stunning photos that have gone viral of the frozen waterfall.

A weather enthusiast recently remarked that the Niagara River appears to have frozen to solid ice, making it theoretically possible to walk on it. In spite of the heavy blanket of snow that has fallen on the waterfall, the constant, swift flow of water keeps the vast quantity of water from completely freezing over. According to the Niagara Falls tourism website, a complete freeze of the fall has never occurred before.

In spite of the bitter cold, tourists continue to make their way to Niagara Falls to take in the breathtaking view. Online users are sharing videos and pictures of a 167-foot-tall, partially frozen waterfall that is becoming extremely popular.

The famous Niagara Falls are about 40 kilometers west of Buffalo, an area where the snowstorm has caused a lot of damage. It is on the border between the U.S. state of New York and the Canadian province of Ontario. In spite of the fact that it was dangerously cold, tourists continued to visit the waterfall and take pictures there.

The Horseshoe Falls, also referred to as the Canadian Falls, are the largest of the three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls, which are located between the international borders of Canada and the United States. Together, these three waterfalls are referred to as Niagara Falls. The names American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are given to the more modest waterfalls that can be found in the United States.