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India is the seventh greatest country on the planet. These beautiful cities in India have various languages, ethnic gatherings, cultures, landmarks, royal residences, backwaters, cascades, and different spectaculars. There is no such spot in India that can be labeled as an exhausting goal for the travel industry. With interminable man-made and common wonders, this article handpicks the main best cities to visit in India. These twenty urban communities would leave you in wonder.

India Beautiful City List

1. Varanasi

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Varanasi is one of the best cities to visit in India the oldest inhabited spot that is still being used in the entire world. It is viewed as an imperative pioneer place for Hindus. You need not to be a religious individual to appreciate the lady Ganges, ghats that fix disease and grouped design. There are numerous sanctuaries that are numerous hundreds of years old. A boat ride on the Ganga is an absolute necessity do action here. On the off chance that you are intending to visit this spot during any celebration, try to pick a hotel with a housetop porch. You can have a magnificent view from the terrace in the early morning.

2. Udaipur

India cities to visit, favorite city in India, beautiful cities in India


Udaipur is the city of lakes. It is considered to be the Venice of India. Udaipur is in Rajasthan and it has a rich and thick culture encompassed by beautiful nature and is India cities to visit. The gliding city castle has eleven royal residences inside it. Beginning from balancing patio nurseries to a porch, every royal residence has various attractions. Antique showcases, sixteenth-century painting and the presentation of weapons are one-of-its-kind. The gems, old fashioned dresses, vessels and others utilized by Rajput rulers and rulers are shown in Bagore Ki Haveli, a museum close to the royal residence. This gallery has 100 rooms in it. In the event that you visit it in a night, you can observe a few demonstrate that are led by neighborhood craftsmen. Aside from these, the water exercises in Lake Pichhola, Storm royal residence, fortifications, untamed life asylum, and sanctuaries are a portion of the various magnets in this city.

3. Darjeeling

favorite city in India, beautiful cities in India


Darjeeling is the best tourism destination in West Bengal. It is situated in the middle of the lower slopes of compelling Himalayas. In the event that you think this city is loaded with mountains and tea homes, you are off-base. The primary fascination here is simply the railroad station. It is a legacy site according to the UNESCO announcement. On the off chance that you get the chance to go in the rails during the early mornings, you would know why it is a heritage place. It is additionally called a toy train. You can discover a lot of uncommon creature species in Sinhala park and Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park. Achieve the Tiger Slopes top by jeep and see the excellence of the land in the dusk. Batasia Circle, Japanese Harmony Pagoda, observatory slope and Neora Valley Park are the couple of goals that you have to visit in Darjeeling.

4. Agra

 India city list, best cities in India to visit, India cities to visit, favorite city in India, beautiful cities in India

Taj Mahal, Agra

Agra is a famous city in India somewhat far from Delhi. On the off chance that you think the world miracle The Taj Mahal is the main destination in Agra. Agra Post, Mehtabh Bagh, Mughal Legacy walk, Korai Town and Fatehpur Sikri are a couple of destination that you should visit in Agra. To wrap things up, Taj Mahal is an absolute necessity visit. It is a marble catacomb worked for one of the adored spouses of a Mughal Sovereign, Shah Jahan. In spite of the fact that there are a lot of debates about this structure and the history behind it, it is a design wonder. Because of contamination and corrosive downpour, this structure probably won’t represent long. Visit before it moves toward becoming history.

5. Amritsar

 India city list, best cities in India to visit, India cities to visit, favorite city in India, beautiful cities in India

Golden Temple, Amritsar

Amritsar is a recorded city in Punjab. The world popular Golden Temple, Harmandir Sahib is popular for its architecture, social excellence, and rooftop painting. Aside from these, you can discover a lot of museums, temples, gardens, and the well known Jallianwala Bagh site. Likewise visit the Berlin Mass of India, Wagah Border. It is the border among India and Pakistan.

6. Madurai

favorite city in India, beautiful cities in India


This is a city that is in excess of four thousand years of age. There are a variety of temples in this city and Madurai Meenakshi Amman Sanctuary is a world popular. It was worked in the seventh century and is famous for its design wonder. the seventeenth century Gandhi Mandabam is a well-known travel industry fascination that has some close to home things of Gandhi, numerous outlines of him and books about Gandhi. Samanar Slopes is found somewhat far from Meenakshi sanctuary. This slope has a first-century cavern that was utilized by Jain priests. There are numerous sculptures of historical importance here. On the off chance that you visit Madurai as it is the best cities in India to visit, you should taste the neighborhood food of the land.

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7. Kochi

favorite city in India, beautiful cities in India


Kochi of Kerala is a land that has arranged attractions is the best cities to visit in India. Since numerous European invaders entered India through Kochi, you can locate their structural touch in numerous landmarks. The fourteenth-century angling nets of Chinese that are still being used can be found here. On the off chance that you visit before dawn, you can perceive how anglers work these nets. You can observe a great deal of pilgrim working in Mattancherry. There is a historical center in Mattancherry which has uncommon antiquities and wall paintings. The oldest church of the nation is in Kochi. On the off chance that you visit Kerala, you should see Kathakali performance. It is one of the hardest dance and the specialists perform it effortlessly and elegance.

8. Bengaluru

favorite city in India, beautiful cities in India


Practically all the travel industry destinations you find in India would be slope regions, zones with lavish vegetation and nature filled spots. Be that as it may, this is the lord of metro life. However, it is the city of patio nurseries. Beginning from Bangalore royal residence to St. Mary’s Basilica, as there are several attractions in this city. The individuals who need to appreciate water-related exercises should visit Ulsoor Lake. ISKCON sanctuary, government exhibition hall, greenhouses, religious spots, the royal residence of Tippu Sultan, Cubbon Park and Bull Sanctuary are a portion of the best attractions in the city.

9. Jaipur

favorite city in India, beautiful cities in India


Jaipur is situated in Rajasthan and is one of the most beautiful cities in India. For those who think Rajasthan is only a desert, Jaipur is the correct answer. Beginning from old posts to great sanctuaries, this spot has everything that would influence you to splash in surprise. Jal Mahal, peacock door, City royal residence, wind royal residence, and Golden fortress are few of the numerous attractions that you can find in this city. It is called as the pink city and on the off chance that you love architecture, you would love Jaipur.

10. Shimla

favorite city in India, beautiful cities in India


This is a spot that people select a honeymoon for a long time. This is the special first night heaven of the nation. The mid-year months are cold in this spot and winter would be frigid. This snow is the primary fascination for all sightseers. Many individuals love to play in the snow as it is one of the not many spots where you can observer snowfall in India. Jakhu Sanctuary, Christ church and Shopping center street are a couple of non-snow related attractions here. You can go to a wide range of snow-related activities in this city.

11. Hyderabad

 India cities to visit, favorite city in India, beautiful cities in India


Charminar, Golconda Post, Mecca Majid, Hussain Sagar, Falaknuma Royal residence and biryani are the vital symbols of Hyderabad. This is a city with a rich legacy. There are numerous architectural structures, landmarks, religious spots, lakes, and numerous others. In the event that you visit this spot, you should appreciate the neighborhood cooking of zesty and hot nourishment. Birla Mandir, Taramati Baradari, Nehru Park, Chow Mohalla Royal residence and Osmansagar Lake are a couple of different attractions in this city.

12. Chennai

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Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. Beginning from Marina shoreline to Mahabalipuram figures, this city has a ton to offer you. Chennai is well known for medical tourism as well. Anna zoological park, pondy bazaar, shopping centers, religious spots, amusement parks, Vivekanadar Illam, Valluvar Kottam, Covelong, Brilliant beach, Puzhal lake, and Elliot’s shoreline are a portion of a couple of attractions in Chennai.

13. Pondicherry

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Once more, this isn’t the correct expansion to the rundown of urban areas. It is an association domain that is still in the French style. Pondicherry Aurobindo ashramam is a world-well known religious spot for Aurobindo devotees. The Pondicherry lake, boat shelter, Auroville, Flawless Church building, Ousteri Wetland, war remembrance, and gallery are a couple of attractions in this spot. In the event that you enter this spot, you would feel like you have left India and have entered some remote land. French styled is soaked in design, government uniform and different components in this city.

14. Sri Nagar

popular cities in India,  India city list, best cities in India to visit

Sri Nagar

Jammu and Kashmir is the greatest spot in India. Aside from the political clashes and different issues, this spot has a great deal to appear. Rested in the midst of snow-topped mountains, this is the lady of magnificence in India. The common grand magnificence of Sri Nagar isn’t something that can’t be clarified with words. Mughal gardens, Pari Mahal, Dal Lake, and Shalimar Bagh are a portion of the various attractions in this city. The nearest railroad is in Jammu and whatever is left of the separation (around 300 km) must be secured by street. This travel would be a wonderful experience.

15. Mumbai

best cities in India to visit, India cities to visit, favorite city in India


Mumbai is the business capital of the nation. Essel World, shoreline, sanctuaries, strongholds, mosques, museums, hanging garden, elephant caverns, film city, Majestic towers, and Wankhede Arena are a couple of numerous attractions in Mumbai city. Dharavi is the biggest ghetto zone of the landmass. You should take a visit to Dharavi, Road Nourishments, showcase visits, and early morning cycle visit. This spot is loaded up with attractions. Marine drive is an unquestionable requirement visit place in this city. Regardless of how often you visit this city, you would dependably have a lot of things to see here.

16. Khajjiar

popular cities in India,  India city list, best cities in India to visit


Khajjiar is a hill station destination in Himachal Pradesh and is the best cities in India to visit. The city is situated on a little level and is encouraged with a little stream that is constantly secured with lavish weeds. It is called Switzerland of India. It has hypnotizing magnificence and gives a one of a kind slope station involvement. The entire spot can be secured by walking. The temperature is exceptionally mellow all consistently. It has Brilliant Devi sanctuary, Khajjiar Lake, lofty bronze statue of Master Shiva, Bother sanctuary and numerous different attractions. The rooftop painting in Bother sanctuary is an absolute necessity watch for those who love expressions and design. Beginning from horse riding to paragliding, you can appreciate practically all adrenaline rushing activities.

India City List is letting us know all the best cities in India to visit as it is providing a brief description of the top 10 cities in India to visit and some India major cities. Hope this article would be beneficial for you as it provides the name of cities in India which must not be missed and kindly share your views.

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