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Sushi has been a trendy meal to savor nowadays. And it is not that expensive you think it is! Surely, the high-end custom-made omakase menus are pricey but apart from that it’s super reasonable. Surely, you landed here to find out some exotic flavors and sophisticated Japanese dining places for sushi in Chicago. If you are one such sushi lover, then this travelogues is just for you! Chicago has already amazed many visitors throughout the years with its restaurants & unique lifestyle trends. So if you are ready to experience such food art of 10 best sushi places in Chicago, you are in for good dude! Let’s have it then. Trust me, it would be the best ride to explore the scrumptious foodie world of sushi.

List of 10 Popular Sushi Places in Chicago To Try

1. Kai Zan

Kai Zan

Kai Zan

Kai Zan has been a celebrated hotspot for exploring the authentic omakase dishes in Chicago. Their highly curated 10-course tasting menu is surely the star of the house. Though if you do find it pricey you can also go for sushi rolls paired with nigiri collection at this popular sushi restaurant in Chicago.

Shooters made from the freshly caught scallop, uni, oysters & quail eggs along with refined glazing of ponzu sauce is a highly recommended delight. Though Orange Rush sushi roll has scallops wrapped in tinted salmon garnished with citrus glaze in No less of a tasty appetizer.

Must-Try Menu Item: Uni Shooters, Orange Rush sushi roll 

Address: 2557 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL, United States

Call: +17732785776

2. Roka Akor

Roka Akor

Roka Akor

Are you in the mood to score some juicy steaks along with delicious seafood aside? If yes, then Roka Akor is waiting for you to join in! It is one of the famous Japanese restaurant in Chicago that has maintained its honor under the steakhouse servings! Still their elevated chops alongside a wide range of seafood cuisines makes it a perfect place for trying out sushi. 

Their signature maki possessing Hamachi Serrano Chili or Seared Salmon Roll are the major highlights of the restaurant. Or you can completely leave that choice onto the chef & enjoy a finely collated omakase, with a personalized tasting palette. with a Japanese whisky

Must-Try Menu Item: Ube Pot de Crème, Salmon Roll, Hamachi Serrano

Address: 456 N Clark St, Chicago, IL , United States

Call: +13124777652

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3. Juno

Juno Sushi Restaurant

Juno Sushi Restaurant

If you are looking for the cheapest sushi in Chicago then Juno is your best deal to grab! It’s one of the most reasonably priced places for sushi in Chicago serving the raw fish at such a delightful cost. After all, receiving 18 pieces of fish course meals ( with two each of nine different kinds) just at $42 is definitely a jackpot you shouldn’t miss

Apart from sashimi you can also try smoked hamachi, which is served under a smoky glass dome or go all the way out & explore a la carte meal with omakase costing only $150 per guest. Pay an extra $75 and you can enjoy the best wine pairings too!

Must-Try Menu Item: Spicy tuna roll, Juno king,  smoked hamachi

Address: 2638 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, United States

Call: +17739352000

4. Lawrence Fish Market

Lawrence Fish market

Lawrence Fish market

All those who desire to go local & find themselves the finest & fresh pick of the day can always count on the Lawrence Fish Market. It is one of the best sushi places in Chicago that has a takeout- and cash-only sushi option. Situated at Albany market  I guarantee you won’t find such insanely cheap sushi anywhere in the city. I mean 16 pieces of nigiri, a California roll, and a spicy tuna roll for just $22, is definitely crazy! In fact, most of the times nigiri are sold at $1 apiece.

Where else can you score such cheap & delicious sushi after all? Surely, the ambiance or the fish caliber might not match those expensive sushi houses but if you’re looking for ample options this is the place.

Must-Try Menu Item: California Roll, Spicy Tuna

Address: 3920 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL United States

Call: +17732676838

5. Momotaro



One of the top West Loop sushi emporiums meticulously curated by the iconic Chef Gene Kato. It is a place where you can find a modern Japanese technique flared smoothly with seasonality & devoted hard work.  Ranging from delicious nigiri, sashimi, and makimono to vegetarian rolls stuffed with shiitake mushrooms and gourd. You’ll find all kinds of variations at this top sushi restaurant in Chicago

If the appetizers are already banged on! You can apparenlty expect their multi-course omakase adventure to be a full roller coaster. Flavor bombs like Salmon Belly Battera kombu and Kumamoto Beef with fried shiso, already steal the show. Whereas, some of the rare catches like Akamutsu (deep sea perch) and Tachiuo (beltfish) also make up for a nice menu.

Must-Try Menu Item: Salmon Belly Battera kombu, Kumamoto Beef 

Address: 820 W Lake St, Chicago, IL United States

Call: +13127334818

6. Kyōten



Kyoten is amongst the expensive sushi places in Chicago that bring total justice to your money spent through a mind-blowing platter to savor. The omakase experienced by chef Otto Phan curating a 20-course meal at his eight-seat sushi counter is surely a must-try option. Though, Bento Boxes to-go, filled with Phan’s selection of nigiri, oshizushi, rolls, Tamago, and soup is also a cheaper meal to explore.

Since their omakase is highly custom. All reservations are made privately, keeping the intimate touch of the food experience intact and unforgettable. 

Must-Try Menu Item: Oceanic options- kanpachi, uni, Ebi, and maguro.

Address: 2507 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL, United States

Call: +13126780800

7. Yuzu Sushi & Robata Grill

Robata Grill

Robata Grill

Yuzu Sushi & Robata Grill is not just a sushi hotspot but an entire artistic experience that you can hardly forget. Such colorful presentations, along with eye-catching roll names are always the highlight of your visit here. Especially the Breaking Bad roll having shrimp tempura, grilled asparagus, smoked pepper mayo, and seared tuna engages a lot of Breaking Bad fandom.

You even receive monster-sized sushi rolls with a side of astounding art that is all edible. Yeah! They are decorated with colorful sauces in patterns and shapes that nothing goes to waste except your tissues!

Must-Try Menu Item: Unholy green harbor, Breaking Bad roll

Address: 1751 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL, United States

Call: +13126664100

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8. Sushi By Bou

sushi by Bou

sushi by Bou

Once again you get a star of a sushi outlet at the Hotel Lincoln! Sushi by Bou is one such exotic place in Chicago that is not known to many people. But their tasty Japanese cuisine brings a lot of regular visitors who can’t just get enough of it. 

They feature a 30-minute 12-course omakase menu that can easily settle up for a party of four or less. Or you can book a 60-minute, 17-course selection for a larger celebration at this sushi restaurant in Chicago, Illinois.

Must-Try Menu Item:  Omakase

Address:  1816 N Clark St, Chicago, IL , United States

Call: +13128181156

9. Toro Sushi

Toro Sushi

Toro Sushi

Toro Sushi is one of the convenient sushi places in Chicago that has been serving people for a long time now. Despite a tight space for dining, it has a nice location that suits every foodie enthusiast. You can easily find a liquor store just down the street. 

It’s a small restaurant, the sound level stays relatively low and you can peacefully enjoy your sushi & other delicious Japanese menus. Salmon Crunch, Spicy Tuna, Spicy California, and Volcano Rolls are the major highlights of the menu that you shouldn’t miss.

Must-Try Menu Item: Salmon Crunch, Spicy Tuna, Spicy California, and Volcano Rolls

Address: 2546 N Clark St, Chicago, IL, United States

Phone: +1 773-348-7255

10. Sushi-San

Sushi san

Sushi san

Sushi San is a trendy & stylish spot for trying Japanese cuisine in Chicago. Having a nice hangout place on Grand Ave is already a bonus! Along with that, you get to enjoy a long sushi bar due to this top sushi restaurant in Chicago, IL. Booze, fresh gastronomic cuisine & a creative outlet to chill, what else do you need after this?

They feature sashimi, plus cocktails served in soda cans. Everything is super affordable. You will have to burst to fill your tummy to get the bill at $100. I mean is there a better way to spend your time than this? They also serve Japanese breakfast, which means mornings are also set on a happy note!

Must-Try Menu Item: octopus tacos, spicy tuna crispy rice, Spicy scallop maki-san roll

Address: 63 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL, United States

Phone: +1 312-828-0575

Hope you find the aforementioned list of 10 exotic sushi places in Chicago, Illinois  helpful & delightful. These dinings are catered to give you the best experience so do ping me in if they don’t! Whereas their refined collection of sushi platters makes it even more tempting & luxurious to explore. For more adventurous insights into the world of travel, head on to our adventurous travelogues at Adequate Travel. Ping us your thoughts about this blog in the comment section below. I will try my best to bring more such insights for the next exciting journey. 

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