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Poland is a country of drinkers, great musicians, artists & grim past. No matter how hard people try to negate their alcohol holding capacity but the world has witnessed it already. Yet, don’t just make it a stereotype to judge these guys! There’s much more history & drama attached to this city than you can fathom. Especially the famous nightlife of Poland has many exhilarating stories to tempt your wanderer inside!

A country that has lived many years under the influence of Russians, Prussians & Germans would tell you a lot about struggles & dark past. Yet, the dark that covers this country now, after sunsets brings new glory to Poland altogether. There are endless bars, restaurants & nightclubs across the rivers, filled with fun crowds every day. If you wanna try your luck at its mesmerizing nights, then go ahead. Try this brief list of 10 Nightlife cities to visit in Poland that will certainly offer you the best night-out adventures ever!

List of 10 Best Nightlife Cities in Poland To Visit

1. Szczecin



Szczecin is a famous port city that has been luring many enthusiastic travelers since olden times. If you are seeking a diverse adventure full of history & drama then it is the perfect city to enjoy the nightlife in Poland. You get to enjoy a mix of varied architectural designs. Although, many say it is losing the old art nouveau mansions due to the modern glass shopping malls, derelict buildings, and empty plots taking their places.

But, this city has been a large student junction for Poland. Such a youthful vibe guarantees one certainty- Yeah! You guessed it right, cheaper booze. You can enjoy many reasonably priced nightclubs & party events here, without any hustle.

Nightclubs to Explore: Gold Nightclub, Disco Fama, Euphoria Club GoGo

Places to Visit: Wały Chrobrego, Underground Stettin Routes

2. Lublin



Lublin was once a city that was well-known as ‘Jewish Oxford,’. It was a thriving Jewish learning center that was heavily bombed in the Second World War. The post-war communist era came up with various new buildings & architectural designs. You can still differentiate between the Jewish & post-war buildings through their drabby looks.

But, Nightlife in Lublin Poland escorts you with the largest southeastern city crowd. Lots of bars, restaurants, cafes, and clubs, including a number of cultural attractions, altogether make this city a worthwhile party adventure to explore.

Nightclubs to Explore: Helium Club, The Mist Club, Club 20 Lublin

Places to Visit: Lublin Castle, Multimedia Fountain

3. Olsztyn



Wondering how to pronounce this? Say ‘Awlsh-tin’ Viola you did well! Olsztyn is a beautiful city in Poland full of old-world charms. Especially the cobbled streets across the famous Lyna river surrounding various iconic buildings of the city is one of the best ways to spend your evening time. 

If that sounds boring to you, how about you find another travelogue then! Nah, I am kidding bud! Olsztyn has all the facilities and services to keep the comfort at its best. Usually underrated by the tourists, but it has some really nice clubs & part lounges that you’ll definitely love.

Nightclubs to Explore: Vinyl Pub, Rakor s.c. Goździewscy A.J., Klub Mięta

Places to Visit: Olsztyn Planetarium, Park Jakubowo/ Olsztyn

4. Poznan



If you wanna party under a buzzing youthful crowd that is full of energy & thrill. Then, Poznan is one of the best nightlife cities in Poland to hang out in! Wielkopolska, its capital is a hub of great historical monuments and museums in Poland

Having the city’s largest student population allows this city to serve all kinds of foodies. With numerous restaurants, bars, and clubs that are full of life it is certainly nightlife on Polish stars here. You can also lay your hands over the best accessible transport available here to visit the surrounding regions.

Nightclubs to Explore: Holiday Club, Grey Club, Club 22

Places to Visit: Royal Castle, House of Fear Asylum

5. Katowice



Marked by many tourists as one of the strangest cities in Poland. Katowice is one of the top, commercial and cultural centers of the region. History geeks might not find this city as convincing due to its relatively lesser monumental heritage.

But tonnes of restaurants, bars, and cafes level it up to a fabulous tourist place to explore. Especially the nightlife in Poland couldn’t get better here. Ranging from thrilling cultural sites to relaxing suites Katowice is definitely a worthwhile catch to explore. It even has better accessibility to the surrounding cities.

Nightclubs to Explore: Nightclub Royal, Nightclub Babylon, DoSopotu Club & Lounge

Places to Visit: Silesian Musuem, Kosciuszko Park

6. Lodz



Lodz was formerly the biggest hub of textile manufacturing in Poland. But after WWll, it lost a lot of significance & its Jews apparently. The grim, decaying streets and buildings weren’t as cheerful as they were before. 

Yet, post-war renovations programs brought new hope to its residents & architecture. Now you can visit various shopping malls and business centers springing up among the ruins.

There are many iconic places like the Poznanski Palace that just look breathtaking at night. For visitors interested in Jewish history, there are endless monuments and cemetery areas throughout the city to visit. Just walking across the beautiful lamp-shaded streets of Lodz is in itself a perfect nightlife of Poland that you shouldn’t miss.

Nightclubs to Explore: Prywatka dance club, Bajka Disco Club, Magnes

Places to Visit: Księży Młyn, Palm House

7. Warsaw



Warsaw is known for different architectural styles, Gothic churches, mind-blowing museums, and modern edifices lodged between the concrete buildings of the communist era of Poland.

If you are excited to explore some thriller nightlife in Warsaw Poland then neighborhoods must be your initial aim. After all, it’s the nation’s capital, you really think a plethora of great, cheap restaurants, bars, and clubs would be hard to find here! Of course not. So put your party pants ON!

Nightclubs to Explore: N58 Club – Muzyka i Bar w Warszawa

Places to Visit: Old Town Markt square, Warsaw uprising Museum

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9. Wroclaw



Wroclaw gives you a concoction of Austria, Bohemia, and Prussia history to nourish. Their impact can be easily traced down over the city’s development, architecture & pathways.  Rynek market square at the Odra River is the best way to begin your nightlife in Wroclaw, Poland. The surreal bridges and lovely parks lining its banks, make it super relaxing & ethereal to roam around at night. 

Though don’t miss the Cathedral Island, it is definitely worth a visit. Wroclaw is the fourth-largest city in the country and you can easily sense the lively arts and culture scene, blooming throughout its region. With a large & bustling nightlife scene, Wroclaw has everything your desire for a fun party.

Nightclubs to Explore: Sogo Nightclub, Mundo 71 Music Club

Places to Visit: Museum of Bourgeois Art

9. Krakow



Possessing the biggest market square in Europe, shaped as the Rynek Glowny, Krakow has a lot more to offer than you can imagine. It was a former royal capital that has lots of things to experience. Wawel Castle is just the tip of the iceberg here. You’ll administer many more fabulous highlights of this Polish city at night.

Blooming with great nightlife in Poland, Krakow will amaze you with its historical sites, wonderful museums, Jewish quarter with all its synagogues to roam around. If you gotta a brave heart you can also visit the iconic concentration camps of Auschwitz – a haunting yet substantial experience to gather.

Nightclubs to Explore: Frantic, Shine Club, Club Hush Live

Places to Visit: Wawel Royal Castle, Rynek Główny

10. Sopot



If there’s one exquisite combination of incredible Nightlife in Poland & beach adventure then it is definitely at Sopot. It is a town settled on the Baltic Sea. Known for its well-known health spas, sandy beaches, manors, pounding nightlife, and posh restaurants, Sopot is the cheapest place to explore the wild nightlife of Poland. 

Despite being the smallest city of Tricity metropolis in Belgium. It is sandwiched between two major tourist hotspots of Poland involving Gdansk and Gdynia. You can easily find all the comforting facilities catered especially for tourists here.

Nightclubs to Explore: EGO Sopot, Zla Kobieta, KissAss

Places to Visit: Sopot Beach, State Gallery of Art

So, enjoy this list of 10 spectacular nightlife cities in Poland, and share your intoxicating & exciting experiences with us. I mean who wouldn’t love to hear a night-out story filled with lots of booze, mind-bending choices & some embarrassing moments! It’s alright to have some embarrassing fun once in a while after all. Do share it with your friends through the given below options. Until then, keep traveling & follow more of these engaging travelogues at Adequate Travels.

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