Hong Kong will distribute 5 lakh free tickets. Know details here

Synopsis: In a bid to boost tourism after the pandemic’s arrival, Hong Kong decided to give away 5 lakh free flight tickets. These 5 lakh airline tickets will be worth around US$254 million, and the advertising campaign for the scheme will start once the country eases its COVID entry rules.

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Hong Kong will distribute 5 lakh free tickets.

Although Hong Kong recently relaxed COVID-19 restrictions, the airline industry is still struggling to reach pre-pandemic booking levels. The government has decided to give away 5 lakh airline tickets as a way to fix the problem and bring more tourists to the country. 

Dane Cheng, executive director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), in a conference with the BBC, stated that soon the airport authority will finalize the arrangement with airline companies and start an advertisement campaign on a global level. He continued by saying that the advertising campaigns for the free air tickets will start immediately after the government announces the complete relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions.

Hongkong is a beautiful country with a series of famous monuments, pristine beaches on the coastline, and many other things. Every year, millions of people arrive in Hong Kong to witness the beauty of this Chinese city. But since COVID started, it has hardly welcomed a hundred tourists. The country was completely closed to inbound travelers, and most of the tourist sites in Hong Kong remained closed during this period. That has incurred a huge loss to the tourism industry.

However, now that the government has relaxed COVID rules, the city is planning new ways to entice tourists, such as providing free tickets to visitors. 

These free tickets will bring a boost to the tourism sector and support Hong Kong airlines which come to rest during the pandemic

The Hong Kong airport authority will give 500,000 air tickets to travelers going to and coming from Hong Kong in early 2023.

The Hong Kong government removed the longstanding COVID requirement last month under which travelers must undergo hotel quarantine or show a negative COVID test report before boarding inbound flights to Hong Kong.

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