Goa’s natural waterfalls will evolve into prime tourist attractions

Synopsis: Goa government is all set to give a facelift to its remote waterfalls and make them a prime tourist destination. The government is planning to set up registration counters, bio-toilets, picnic spots, and more accommodation facilities near these waterfalls to boost tourism. 

beautiful waterfalls in goa,Waterfalls in Goa

Goa is not just limited to turquoise beaches and sparkling sand, as there is much more to see in this small Indian town. There are plenty of wonderful waterfalls and beautiful hill stations in Goa that can attract anyone. Yes, you heard it right. The state of Goa is home to some of the best seasonal waterfalls in India that are scattered around its borders. These waterfalls are not only popular among the locals, but they are also quite popular among tourists because of their extreme therapeutic values. Since the majority of these waterfalls are in rural areas, there is no suitable infrastructure nearby.

To overcome this issue in the future, Goa tourism has decided to facelift popular waterfalls and make them a tourist destination soon. To promote tourism at these waterfalls, the government will soon set up infrastructure in surrounding areas to support the ever-increasing footfall to these beautiful waterfalls in goa

According to Forest Minister Vishwajit Rane, areas close to these waterfalls will have registration booths, bio-toilets, guides, and pleasant picnic areas. The government also stated that nominal fees will be charged to visitors and maintenance will be paid with the revenue they produce.

Waterfalls in Goa see an abundance of water in the monsoon season when rivers that feed these waterfalls are loaded to the brim. But the lack of proper arrangements at these waterfalls fails to attract tourists. Also, pollution and overcrowding at these places have been a major issue since the beginning due to the absence of proper facilities. On the other hand, beaches in Goa are already provided with the best infrastructure facilities, and people prefer to visit beaches over waterfalls in Goa. 

The well-known Dudhsagar Falls are among Goa’s most impressive waterfalls. One of Goa’s top attractions is the breathtaking four-tiered waterfall on the Mandovi River. It is also the tallest waterfall in India, located 60 kilometers from the capital, Panjim, along the Belgavi-Vasco Da Gama rail line. This waterfall looks absolutely gorgeous, especially during the monsoon.

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