By the end of 2023 Akasa Air aims to launch its International Services

The CEO of Akasa Air, Vinay Dubey is known for his constructive and customer-centric decisions. His decades-old experience with American Airlines has enabled him to take strong and coherent decisions. He later held a leadership role in the travel technology industry. For more than three decades, Vinay Dubey has served in the airline industry making him a veteran in this sector. Now Akasa Air is taking its services out on the international level.  

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Backed by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Akasa Air is all set to step into one of the most competitive sectors. Vinay Dubey has a vision for this new airline and with his experience, he is set to take Akasa to the newest heights. Empathetic and customer-centric services are the main focus of the MD and CEO of Akasa Airlines. While stepping into the competition with international industries, Vinay talked about gaining customer trust and loyalty.


The three core aspects will be focused on in this process. The three aspects are- building a company that has clarity over on-tme operations and efficiency with a cost-friendly approach, assembling an organization that is employee-centric, and empathetic service culture. He says that he would like to focus on his company’s work culture and services provided to its customers rather than looking out and focusing on competitors.  

When asked how would he cope with the big players and other established players in the markets like Jet Airways, Indigo, and GoFirst? Vinay says, that the aviation sector has always been a competitive sector and the new companies entering the market are nothing new. His decades of experience and his team leadership will be able to extend the company internationally. He believes that the success of any organization depends on its work culture and services provided to its customers. 

Creating an empathetic and efficient airline is what Akasa Airlines aims for and taking all important steps to meet the need of their customers. Having said that, he remains positive that competitive cost structures will help to create an affordable airlines fare for the people.

Akasa Airlines will first begin with services in India, after which they are planning to take their services on international platforms. They hope to start their international services in 2023. 

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