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Israel is a country that has a very rich historical importance among the three monotheistic religions of the world. But the beaches of Israel can make your vacations much more relaxing than ever. You can also find the two most unique seas of the world here which conveys that Israel’s best beaches reside here. The sea is famous for its surprising facts all around the globe. One sea(Dead sea) owns the saltiest water in which people can never drown on their own due to extreme buoyancy of the seawater along with that the shores of this sea are filled with the most expensive and nutritional black mud in the world from which various beauty products are prepared to sell in the entire world which can be found only on the dead sea beaches in Israel. While the other sea(Red sea) is the home to multi-colored coral reefs which are the main attraction for the enthusiastic divers. Various conservative religious conflicts in the news might make you think that it can’t have any fun places to visit but it defies all those stereotypes with its calm and relaxing beaches which have some amazing and extraordinary water activities to explore. 

List of Popular Beaches in Israel 

1. Coral Reef Beach (Red Sea)

Famous beaches in Israel, popular beaches in Israel

This is among the most famous beaches in Israel which are well known for amazing snorkeling activities in Eilat due to different colorful reefs underwater and appear crystal clear even from the surface of the seawater. They serve as a popular beach in Eilat Israel providing diving reef regions for the enthusiastic newcomers and professional divers to explore and study these meticulous creations of sea embellished with multi-colored coral reefs and various other amazing aquatic animals with the shallow warm water steaming with tropical delights.

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2. Dolphin Reef (Red Sea)

Famous beaches in Israel, popular beaches in Israel


This is another famous destination near the Red Sea in Israel which might charge you a bit extra but let you experience the benefit of a quiet beach where you can relax under the sweet basking sun and watch the dolphins playing around in crystal clear waters of the Red sea. These best beaches of Israel are also equipped with snorkeling and diving centers and provide you interesting services of underwater photography and beachside café/bar to enjoy the colorful sunsets near the beaches


3. Mineral Beach (Dead Sea)

top beaches in Israel, prettiest beaches in Israel, popular beach of Israel


As the name given to this extraordinary beach this place has a high amount of minerals which are very healthy for skin attracting the tourists to slather in the muds of this beach instead of water which is extremely salty. The precious black mud of this beach is even sold at other beaches in packets for a very high price. At this famous beach in Israel, the beach associations provide a huge mud pit to climb into for the full-body mineral wash. After swimming into the famous Dead sea’s saltiest waters you can try the freshwater pool. The beach authorities are maintained very successfully here at this dead sea beach of Israel by providing clean and accessible beaches with rental clean towels or lockers or experience a health treatment or lie on a tanning bed. This beach is closest to Jerusalem and the surface is less pebbly than at the other southern beaches.

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4. Banana Beach (Mediterranean)

 beaches in Israel, best beaches in Israel

This beach is situated alongside the Mediterranean sea and gets its name from its distinctive borderline shape. This one of Israel’s best beaches which is located near Jaffa, has become a sort of hippie bohemian sanctuary for the Friday evenings. Mostly young people gather here at sunset for the musical nights where they drum in circles and sing along with dancing on the cliffs. They also provide rental surfboards and windsurfing activities as an adventure sport for the tourists at this popular beach of Israel

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5. Sironit Beach (Mediterranean)

top beaches in Israel, prettiest beaches in Israel, popular beach of Israel


This is one of the southernmost top beaches of Israel among the long chain of beaches near the Mediterranean sea. The extraordinary facility provided at this beach is the glass-walled Beach Elevator that descends into it from the Rishonim Promenade along the cliff-top. This elevator facility will take you through the journey from the city center to the seashore in 20 seconds.

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6. Beit Yannai Beach (Mediterranean)

top beaches in Israel, prettiest beaches in Israel, popular beach of Israel

This beach is named after the ancient Judean king Alexander Yannai. Along with an adorable beach of Israel, you will explore the ancient architecture built by king Alexander Yannai near this beach. This beach is an exotic place to encounter the phenomenon when the river runs into the sea. With the luscious eucalyptus grove nearby you can camp overnight here and do kite-surfing locale in the morning with local instructors. This beach is reviewed as the most pristine sand calm beach by the tourists


7. Metzitzim Beach (Mediterranean)

Famous beaches in Israel, popular beaches in Israel

It’s famous among the people for different reasons and it was also renamed for the Israeli cult classic film-“metzitzim” means “peepers”.This most beautiful beach in Israel is the main hub for a mixture of crowds including hipsters and families. They also have a man-made lagoon where you can rest while basking in the sun and listening to the heavy waves of the sea hitting shores near the beach line. They also provide services of café-restaurant and playground which enlists the beach among the best beaches in Israel. Due to Islamic and Jews influence, they serve a special service where they provide a section for the religious public in which men and women have different allotted days to visit the beach to avoid unnecessary interaction according to their religious beliefs. The women are admitted on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays and the rest of the days are for men.

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8. Dor Habonim Beach (Mediterranean)

top beaches in Israel, prettiest beaches in Israel, popular beach of Israel


This beach is located to the South of Haifa off Route 4, The literal translation of the beach name is “Generation of Builders” and this popular beach in Israel comes under a coastal nature reserve too. This beach is also popular among the Paradivers. They also provide the services of skydiving with a tandem instructor


9. Aqueduct Beach (Mediterranean)

top beaches in Israel, prettiest beaches in Israel, popular beach of Israel

This is a very isolated beach which makes this beach special among the other Mediterranean sea beaches. This beach in Israel has an amazing history of the Roman Empire. These beaches were expanded about  300 years ago by the order of King Herod to bring running water to the old city of Caesarea from the springs of Shummi. They also have some ancient Roman ruins. Since it is extremely isolated you might not find any beach here nor the loud music of crowded hipsters. So, if you wanna steal a calm and quiet vacation do visit this beach of Israel. 

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10. Dado Zamir Beach (Mediterranean)

top beaches in Israel, prettiest beaches in Israel, popular beach of Israel

This beach fills all the scarcity you might ever think that the beach couldn’t afford. Yes, this is a beach which even offers wifi in the whole beach region, Surprising right? This is located in the Haifa region of the Mediterranean Sea of Israel. This beach in Haifa, Israel is popular for the greenery and pretty gardens alongside the beach and a long Broadwalk for experiencing the adorable sunsets which are famous all over the world. This famous beach in Israel offers beachside restaurants, pubs and coffee shops, free parking, benches and sitting areas and a dance arena (with weekly public dances and Israeli folk dancing on Saturdays). They also offer well-maintained services for the disabled to bathe in the adapted showers, bathrooms, and ramps for easy access


All these famous beaches in Israel are reviewed primarily among the top tourists for exploration. You can also reach into the nearby cities of these beaches for a better exploration of Israeli culture and famous cuisines served in the streets. Make sure to share the amazing experiences at the mentioned beaches of Israel and your thoughts about this blog under our comment section below and spread this fun to many more new travelers, divers and enthusiasts around the world.

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