10 Best Things to Buy in Budapest | Famous Souvenirs to Buy in Budapest

Budapest is world-famous for its adorable architecture and vintage toys that people love to take away from the city, especially if you struggle about what to buy in  Budapest? That can satisfy your loved ones back at home then the curated list given below is surely going to guide you on every step. Therefore, if you want something very unique that can fit your style and taste or something expensive to gift someone then you need to follow the given below guide listing the 10 best souvenirs to buy in Budapest that you might not know about being an outsider. Hence here I have curated some popular things to buy from Budapest with the assistance of our travel partners to discover some amazing products that are loved by locals and are super nostalgic creating the best memories for your transit travel histories. Let’s follow up on the given below list of top 10 suggestions for hassle-free shopping in Budapest that ends up with affordable and best takeaways from the city in your shopping bag.

List of Things to Buy in Budapest

1. Porcelain

Famous Souvenirs to Buy in Budapest


Hungarian tradition holds a great lineage of skilled craftsmen who handcraft some of the refined porcelain utensils in Budapest for a very long time, dating back to around hundreds of years. Herend porcelain has been used in royal courts from Austria to Mexico. The quality of porcelain is truly an exemplar of royalty which even tempted the Queen of  Victoria to own her own collection of these beautiful porcelain sets. For sure these are the best things to buy in Budapest that are classic in design and perfect as presents to lighten up anyone’s kitchen.

2. Ajka Crystal

Famous Souvenirs to Buy in Budapest

Ajka Crystal

With the royalty of porcelain, you can glitter your presents with this popular souvenir to buy in Budapest that is also a beautifully handmade crystal product produced in the city. You can easily find beautiful tableware and decor products available in up to 20 different colours and come in wonderful, luxurious gift boxes. Therefore, no need to worry about anything starting from a great gift to its superb gift wrapping everything will be taken care of precisely.  Ajka’s master glassblowers blow the glass into a wooden mould and then implant it for a four-hour continuous cooling process giving its signature look that attracts every visitor.

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3. Painted Eggs

Famous Souvenirs to Buy in Budapest

Painted Eggs

Usually, these eggs are a huge remark on the beginning of Easter in Budapest but aside from the festive shopping, you can still find these beautifully hand-painted eggs in staple gift shops and market stalls of the city any time of the year. Not just a festive figure but in Budapest, these are sold as ornaments which are either for Easter or Christmas or sold in egg cartons giving the buyer the freedom to use them as he or she wants. Definitely their unique designs and authentic original designs make it a must-buy thing in Budapest for sure.

4. Hungarian Shirts

Famous Souvenirs to Buy in Budapest

Hungarian Shirts

For keeping the nostalgia fresh you can also take away the traditional Hungarian shirts back from the city as a famous souvenir to buy in Budapest. Although these are no longer casual wear of the locals these days, Hungarians enjoy donning their cultural garb for folk dancing events or national celebrations so you can catch up with the traditional wear on such days. The Folk costumes from Hungary are very surely vibrant filled with colours and have beautiful designs embroidered on them turning them into a classic.

5. Vintage Dolls

Famous Souvenirs to Buy in Budapest

Vintage Dolls

If you are a freaky vintage toy collector or you want to surprise your kids with something elegant and surreal then he vintage dolls of Budapest are a perfect choice. These have been exhibited at museums around the world and their typical beautiful Hungarian costumes infused with delicate features and embroidered hats, make them admired wherever they are shown. They make a wonderful top souvenir to buy in Budapest to bring back either as a gift or a collectable item. These beautiful dolls are also usually handmade hence it reflects the true artistic service of this city. Dolls are usually dressed in either traditional Hungarian peasant costumes, or in elegant, old fashioned, ball gowns.

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6. Tokaji Wine

Famous Souvenirs to Buy in Budapest


If the term comes in Hungarian national anthem then surely it would mean a lot to the Budapest people after all! This wine has been a Hungarian treasure for centuries and has been bought thousands of times by renowned people globally. Majorly, it’s produced only in North-Eastern Hungary regions and comes in main cities for selling. Tokaji wine has a variety of different tastes including dry, Szamorodni, Aszu, Eszencia, Fordiatas, and Maslas out of which you can choose your style. With its light colour and fantastic taste, infused inside slender, elegant bottles it really looks lovely making it easier for you to decide now what to buy in Budapest? As a beautiful and delicious gift.

7. Palinka

Famous Souvenirs to Buy in Budapest


It’s one of the delicious well known distilled liqueur in Budapest that is sold all over Hungary. Budapest is the perfect location to purchase some of this delicious liqueur which holds a traditional remark of a regularly served drink during dances, weddings, and celebrations in the city. Palinka is arguably the most popular drink in Hungary accounting for the most famous things to buy in Budapest. You can find it at any bar or restaurant in Budapest sitting top on the menu of beverages. Palinka is very strong, with an alcohol content between 37.5% and 86% ABV, and has a fruity flavour so be aware before drinking too much of it.

8. Leather Shoes

Famous Souvenirs to Buy in Budapest

Leather Shoes

You can also shop for high-quality leather shoes in Budapest as the handmade culture still sits very rigid in this city. You will find the cut shaped and patterned shoes being made at the vintage shops in the old marketplaces of Budapest. Using wooden pegs, nails, and hammers they stretch the upper part of the shoe and sewed on last. It is such an inspiring moment to see people still refined with their skills and making extraordinary art in Budapest possible till now. Of course, it would be more expensive than the usual shoe prices but their quality is definitely worth the costs. The Budapest Shoe is famous for its comfort, durability and easy elegance hence don’t forget to get your hands on the best souvenir to buy in Budapest.

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9. Rubik’s Cube

Famous Souvenirs to Buy in Budapest

Rubik’s Cube

A surprising fact for most of the Rubik’s cube lovers is that the original inventor was a Hungarian man named Erno Rubik, a sculptor and professor of architecture, who invented this game in 1974 while working at the Academy of Applied Arts and Crafts in Budapest. You will be amazed to see the variety of Rubik’s cube today in Budapest. Therefore, for all those nerdy kids who consumed themselves with fascinating puzzles, this is the perfect thing to buy from Budapest. Apart from being famous Rubik’s cube is already a world’s best selling toy with over 350 million cubes sold worldwide.

10. Unicum

Famous Souvenirs to Buy in Budapest


Unicum is a very bitter herbal liqueur which is made from over 40 spices, using a recipe that has been kept secret for centuries! But the taste and richness of the drink haven’t changed since. Unicum is a beautiful dark, amber colour drink that attains its unique colour from the oak barrels in which it’s aged to develop the custom flavour.  Zwack’s factory in Budapest is known for its drinks. Many Hungarians claim the medicinal properties of this drink, which was originally brewed as a tonic for Emperor Joseph II in 1790. But you can try this popular thing to buy in Budapest on your own and let us know what you think about it!

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Hope you enjoyed the article and got an idea about what to buy in  Budapest? According to different tastes or varied budget boundaries, Prague is definitely the ‘the city of art’ and you can find tonnes of creative options to impress your loved ones through the lovely souvenirs to buy from Budapest, Hungary. But if you still face any trouble while shopping in this awe-inspiring city just ping us in the comment sections below we will try our best! In fact, you can also book a bunch of interesting rides from our travel website or book from our latest Adequate travel application available exclusively on PlayStore. Enjoy your rides and ‘let your memory be your travel bag’.

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