Famous Black Sand Beaches in India

India is boasting a tourist industry with plenty of tourist destinations. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India is packed with multiple tourist destinations that foreigners always wish to visit. There are waterfalls to see during the monsoon, sparkling hill stations to spend summer vacation, tropical forests in the southern end, and cozy beaches on the lower coastline from Gujrat to West Bengal. This vast coastline in the south also features some beautiful black sand beaches of India

I am sure that you all have seen beaches with sparkling white sand and crystal clear water but believe me, these black sand beaches provide a completely different view. In India, the lower coastline is completely guarded by beaches, most of which are located in the northeastern part. Beaches in Chennai are quite popular among Indian as well as foreign tourists. But the beauty of these sparkling black beaches is incompatible. They are entirely surrounded by black rocks that turn into sand due to the regular striking of waves. Most of these black sand beaches in India are already tourist destinations and gather up to 50 lakh visitors annually, while others are remotely located and are still unadulterated.

List of Famous Black Sand Beaches in India:

1. Tilmati Beach

wonderful black sand beaches in India

Tilmati Beach

While Karnataka is known for its heritage destinations, wildlife and national parks, there is one and only Tilmati Beach that is famous for its black sand. This gorgeous beach is located in Majali village and is the most popular black sand beach in India. Even if you search for black sand beaches in India on Google, the name Tilmati Beach suddenly pop up on your screen. This already shows how popular this beach is among the visitors. It is slightly attached to Polem Beach in South Goa. So, if you are in south Goa then you can easily reach Tilmati Beach by taking a steady walk of half an hour. Being a popular beach, Tilmati is not so crowded. Hence, we count this as an unexplored beach in India

Address: Majali, Karnataka

Distance from Maharashtra: 249.6 km

2. Kovalam Beach

wonderful black sand beaches in India

Kovalam Beach

Though the sand of Kovalam Beach is not as black as Tilmati Beach, the serene atmosphere is something that you will definitely be going to enjoy here. In the evening, the coastline is packed with locals and tourists. Of course, this is the best time to witness the actual beauty of Kovalam Beach, hence the people gathered here. The shallow water and low tidal waves striking the shore of Kovalam beach provide ultimate harmony to the soul.

Address: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

3. Mandwa Beach

wonderful black sand beaches in India

Mandwa Beach

Mandwa beach in Kolgaon, Maharashtra, is popular among Indians and foreign tourists because of its calm water and black sand. It is a famous black sand beach in Maharashtra that attracts visitors all across the globe. This peaceful beach provides a ferry service to and from Mumbai(Gateway of India). So, you can easily reach Mandwa Beach by boarding this ferry from Mumbai. This beach remains occupied by local people, kids, and fitness freaks. They come to this beach for morning/evening walks, to play football or enjoy swimming in their free time. This beach is located in proximity to Pune and Maharashtra, which makes it a renowned vacation spot for Maharashtrians and Puneins. Moreover, the shallow cushioned black sand of Mandwa Beach is perfect to play cricket or football in your spare time. 

Address: Kolgaon, Maharashtra

Distance from Maharashtra: 434 km

4. Sasawane Beach

wonderful black sand beaches in India

Sasawane Beach

Sasawane Beach is another undiscovered beach in India located near Alibaug, in Maharashtra. It comes in proximity to Pune hence youths from Pune generally choose this location for a short vacation. The immaculate view of sunset on Sasawane Beach looks like the sun setting down in a fairy tale. Moreover, the black sand on the shore of the beach is an absolute paradise for nature lovers. You have never seen such a beautiful location even in your dreams. 

Address: Sasawane Beach Road, Sasawane, Maharashtra

Distance from Maharashtra: 438.2 km

5. Revdanda Beach

wonderful black sand beaches in India

Revdanda Beach

Revdanda Beach in Maharashtra is a tranquil beach surrounded by black sand and still water. There is an abandoned fort located on the coast of Revdanda Beach. This fort was once a palace, kings, and queens used to live here. If you are in Maharashtra then we request you to include this beach in your itinerary. The only thing I can say about this pristine beach is that it will impress you with its beauty. From both Mumbai and Pune this beach is just a few hours away. So, plan a short trip with your friends to witness the implicit beauty of Revdanda Beach.

Location: Maharashtra

6. Korlai Beach

wonderful black sand beaches in India

Korlai Beach

Korlai Beach in Maharashtra is among the beautiful hidden gems of Mumbai, surrounded by a lot of black sand on the shores. The soft black sand is perfect for a romantic evening stroll with your partner. While in the daytime, you will see multiple small boats in the lake for fishing. Apart from the black sand, Korlai Beach is famous for the green-yellow weeds and pink oxalis flowers that are grown around the lake. These weeks and flowers are seasonal and will remain in the summer and spring seasons. If you want to witness this unadulterated beauty of Korlai Beach then you have to visit here between April to August. Moreover, throughout the year the view of the lake remains charming as usual. 

Location: Korlai, Maharashtra

7. Adgaon Beach

wonderful black sand beaches in India

Adgaon Beach

Adgaon Beach in Maharashtra is well known for its enormous, gorgeously patterned black rocks that line the shore. These rocks protect the shore from the strikes of rapid waves. These beautiful, unshaped rocks are best used by people as props to click pictures. Either sit or stand on these greyish-black rocks to give your picture a different view. Apart from the view, people can also enjoy exciting activities on the coastline. Either visit any holy temple on the coast like the Jakhmata temple, or head to the Murud-Janjira fort to witness the ancient Maharashtrian culture.

Location: Adgaon, Maharashtra

Distance from Maharashtra: 466.0 km

8. Shrivardhan Beach

wonderful black sand beaches in India

Shrivardhan Beach

Shrivardhan Beach is another wonderful beach in Maharashtra that is famous for its pure black sand and high tides. This beach is famous for the Shrivardhan (Lakshminarayan) temple which is located in the Raigad district. Visitors can easily reach this famous black sand beach in Maharashtra through national highways from Mumbai and Pune. Apart from the main temple, Shrivardhan is entirely packed with temples of different gods and goddesses. So, if you are willing to witness serenity along with some holy vibe in India then head to Shrivardhan Beach and the temple.

Location: Raigad district, Maharashtra, India.

9. Varkala black sand beach

wonderful black sand beaches in India

Varkala black sand beach

Most of the renowned black sand beaches of India are located in Maharashtra. But Varkala beach is one that is located in Kerala on the southern end of the country. Being a calm beach, people prefer to go here for morning and evening walks. If you too are fond of serenity and are missing the same in your city life then heading to Varkala beach is a much-needed getaway. Not only for the views, but the Varkala beach coastline also offers some combat adrenaline activities for the natives and adventuresome souls.

Address: Kurakkanni, Varkala, Kerala

Distance from Kerala: 280.9 km

10. Diveagar Beach

wonderful black sand beaches in India

Diveagar Beach

Here comes the last black sand beach on our list, which is famous among natives for its narrow coastline. Though the coastline has plenty of beaches, the charm of Diveagar Beach is unique. The peaceful beach remains open throughout the day but visitors are only allowed to enter the beach between 6 am till 10 am in the morning and between 6 pm till sunset in the evening. So make sure to reach there on time if you have included this beach in your travel list. On the coastline, you will get multiple food stalls and sports activity camps. Choose your favorite sport here to add some adventure to your trip. 

Location: Maharashtra

Distance from Maharashtra (Via Pune): 462.7 km

Being Indian, we are all familiar with the vivid kinds of beaches across the coastline. But we have come up with something different this time. These wonderful black sand beaches in India are truly adorable to see. There are many other places in South India to appreciate the natural beauty, like popular hill stations near Bangalore and beautiful waterfalls, but the charm of these beaches are transcendent. All of these beaches are composed of calm water and sparkling black sand. Indians generally choose beaches over mountains for serenity and peaceful action. If you too are planning a vacation with your partner, then try something new this time. Take your partner to these black sand beaches in India to add some thrill and adventure to your vacation. 

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