A Route Guide to Reach the Yu Garden, Shanghai

Yu Garden also famously known as Yuyuan Garden is the perfect embodiment of Chinese architectural style. But every tourist needs an ultimate route guide to reach Yu Garden. Located in central Shanghai, this classic garden emphasizes feng shui with an asymmetrical design and interchangeable landscaping elements. The park has pavilions, bridges, and a number of secluded trails, all of which are a must-visit in Shanghai. If you are in the city don’t miss this beautiful garden and looking for a guide here we are providing you a complete route guide to reach Yu Garden:

Best Route to Yu Garden in Shanghai


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Built between 1559 and 1578, the garden was built more than 400 years ago during the Ming Dynasty. Did you know that this peaceful and peaceful place was the scene of clashes and political struggles during the 19th century?At the center of the fighting, the garden was ravaged several times. During the Opium War in 1842, the City God Temple was bombed and occupied by the British Army for a few days. In addition, the French army destroyed the Garden during a retaliatory operation in the Taiping uprising in the late 19th century. Reconstruction of the garden began in 1956 and lasted for 20 years.  In 1961, this garden was reopened to the public.

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Ways to Reach Yu Garden

a trip to the Yu Garden, Complete Route Guide to Visiting the Yu Garden, Best Route to the Yu Garden, bikes to reach this Yu Garden, train route to reach this Yu Garden,

Ways to Reach Yu Garden

By Metro

Take subway line 10 and get off at Yuyuan station for reaching the Yu Garden by metro. Then leave the station by exit 1.

By Bus

Take bus number 11, 26, 64, 304, 736, 801, 920, 926 or 930 and get off at Xinbeimen Station (Renmin Street / Lishui Street). Otherwise, you can take the tourist bus and connect directly to Yuyuan Garden.

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By Taxi

Getting there by taxi is very easy. Just tell the driver to go to Yuyuan (pronounced “Yu-Yuen”, written as “豫园”) and every taxi driver will know exactly where it is. However, they cannot be left at the entrance because all the streets are pedestrian-only. You have to walk a few minutes to reach the entrance.

Taxi fare are be 15-25 RMB ($ 2 – $ 3.5USD) from most locations in central Shanghai and 25-50 RMB ($ 3.5 – $ 7) from more remote areas.

Ticket Prices

Apr. – June & Sept. – Nov. 40 Yuan

July -Aug. & Dec. – Mar. 30 Yuan

Opening Hours

Open: 8: 30 – 17:30 (After 17:00, there is no ticket available)

Closed: Mondays with the exception of holidays

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Places to See in Yu Garden

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Places to See in Yu Garden

Yu Garden contains all the elements that a classic Chinese garden although it is small in size. The pavilions, halls, ornamental gardens, lakes, and cloisters have unique characteristics. There are some highlights in the garden that you cannot miss.

1. Great Rockery

Upon entering Yu Garden, you will find a rocky garden, which is called the Great Rock Garden. It is the largest and also the oldest ornamental garden in the southern region of the Yangtze River with a height of 14 meters (about 50 feet). At the top of the rock, you can have an aerial view of the garden.

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2. Cuixiu Hall

Cuixiu Hall is at the foot of the Great Rock. It is a peaceful and elegant place, surrounded by century-old trees and beautiful flowers. Visitors can find curio shops at Cuixiu Hall.

3. Sansui Hall

Sansui Hall was originally used to entertain guests. Later, it became a place to hold ceremonies for gentlemen and readers. With a height of nine meters (about 30 feet) and five corridors, it is the most comfortable structure in the garden. The name Sansui is derived from the book History of the Later Han Dynasty and means ‘propitious’ and ‘luck’.

4. Wanhua Chamber

The Wanhua Chamber is a delicate building surrounded by ridiculous cloisters. Spring bamboo grows next to the cloisters. In front of the Wanhua Chamber, there are two centuries-old trees. One is ginkgo that is 21 meters high (about 70 feet). The tree is said to have been planted by the owner of Jardim Yu 400 years ago.

Pro Tip:

You can spend several hours here, exploring the Yu Garden and its interesting nooks and crannies, and the traditional architecture of the surrounding buildings that are full of shops, mostly touristy, but interesting anyway. Please note that this area is busy on weekends and holidays. The shops will be open at night, but the garden attractions will be closed. To avoid crowds, consider visiting Yu Garden early in the morning and during the week, as weekends are very busy. The best season is spring or August when all the flowers offer their open petals and spread an intoxicating scent. When visiting the Temple of the City God, don’t forget to also visit Yu Garden and share your ideas and thoughts with us. In addition, our professional guides will answer your questions about this attraction as quickly as possible, so you can leave them in the comments section.

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