India: Gharana Wetland in Jammu to be developed into a bird sanctuary

Synopsis: Gharana Wetlands is considered one of the important habitats for migratory birds. Hence, it is necessary to preserve the climatic conditions so that migratory bird can find their habitats here. 

The government of India is planning to develop a Gharana Wetland in Jammu into a bird sanctuary making it accessible in a sustainable manner. It is developing in a way to make Gharana a preferable place for tourists in Jammu. The government is putting its planning into action to develop the Gharana site into a bird sanctuary and attract most of the tourists. 

The preparations might take some time but it is planning to build in a constrictive way with all the services and facilities. This wetland is situated at least 35km away from Jammu. Currently, authorities are taking care of the development to make Gharana a sustainable developed place. The plan is to convert the wetland into one of the best places to visit in Jammu and India

Currently, the Gharana wetland is considered an important habitat for migratory birds and residents as well. It is the home of at least 65 species of residents as well as migratory birds. The most common birds that flock here are gadwals, bar-headed geese, Northern shovelers, Eurasian wigeon, Northern pintails, bar-headed geese, and white-breasted ibis. 

According to rumors, Gharana will have a decent approach road, guest parking space, and chain-link fences if the location is developed as a tourist destination. While ensuring that none of these activities disrupt the birds' natural habitat.

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